Its a very common to tease a Sardar saying “Sardarji baraah baj gaye”. I never knew the truth behind the phrase, do Sardars go mad at 12? Then I was told the following incident by someone.


A very busy local railway station in Mumbai. An elderly Sardar with chest long white beard, turban and Kripan was waiting for the train. Besides him there was a group of college students standing. Co incidently it was 12 O clock in the watch.

The students in their ‘Jawani Ka Josh’ started teasing the old man saying “Sardarji Barah baj gaye”, “oye Paji, barah baj gaye”. The old man was quit and still. What could he do after all? Nevertheless his silence bothered the youth all the more.

After some time the old man walked to the group of the young students. He called one of them near him. The group was now a bit scared while they also started preparing for an argument with the old man.

Do you know the meaning of phrase “Sardarji ke Barah baje?” asked the Sardar in his composed voice.

“No, I dont know.” The guy who came forward replied with arrogance.

“If you dont know then let me tell you the meaning of that phrase son. Then probably you will understand what that phrase means to a Sardar. ” The people who were witnessing the whole drama were now a bit enthusisatic to hear from Sardar the meaning of that famous phrase. The young guys judging the strength of the crowd around them were a bit more polite.

People who were busy jumped into the coming trains and people who were free came to hear the Sardar.

In 17th Century the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb rules the Delhi. He was a radical Islamist. He carried out conversion of Hindu’s on a mass scale. Those who resisted were killed after exposing them to tortures. The Kashmiri Pandits ran to Guru Teg Bahaddoorji for help. Guruji was not strong enough to fight againt the Mughal. He went to Aurangzeb and proposed that  if the Mughals could convert him to Islam all Hindu’s in India will convert to Islam. Thinking it will be a easy job Auranzeb tried everything to convert him to Islam. Guruji was made to suffer all sort of pain. When the emperor threatened that every piece of skin on his body will be ripped off if he doenst convert, guruji himself ripped of his own skin. The frustrated Emperor assasinated Guruji in Chandani Chauk Delhi.

Interesting is the fact that the Indian Government has proudly named a road after Aurangzeb but there is no road named after Guru Teg bahaddoor.

No one cam forward to take Gurji’s body fearing the emperor. Guruji’s son Guru Gobind Singh, founded Sikhism just to build a breed of people that will not fear anyone and will protect Hinduism from Islamic rulers. Initially the Sikh population  was very little. The tradition was that people in Sindh would give their elder son to Sikhism.

During this time many invaders invaded  India for wealth and women. Nadir Shah Invaded India in 1739 and took 2200 women with him. The Commander in Chief of Sikh Jassaa Singh heard this and with his few man he decided to stop Nadir Shah. Since his forces were limited he would attack Nadir’s army at midnight. He managed to free all the women.

Sikhs protected the honor of Hindu women from Abdali and Irani using the same trick.  It became an legend that the Sardar’s get special power at midnight to protect the religion. Whenever people feared Muslim Attacks they took help from Sardars and Sardars always fought for honor and glory of this land.

The old sardar looked at the crowd gave a smile and stopped.

“So my son , when you were shouting Sardarji Barah baj gaye for so long, muze laga shayad apaki maa behan khatare mein hai, isliye mein chala ayaa”.

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