In her arms………………….

It was not the first time though but certainly after a long time I was back in her arms. The experience was so soothing and unforgettable that I find my vocabulary insufficient to express it. I have only images caught by my eyes, smell caught by my nose and the touch……..
It made me forget everything. Forget the world, me, my friends and my trivial worries. Life is so beautiful and we simply keep our self away from this beauty just to get some fictitious comfort and materialistic pleasures. When I was in her arms I understood why Bhagvad Gita states that God exists in everything. I experienced a state that is above all ordinary feelings. Its a feeling that makes you forget that someone is sucking blood from your body, your muscles are getting tired and this is just the beginning. That’s precisely why Nature is referred as Mother. When you are in her arms you forget everything else.

Our college had organized a Trekking trip to Taambdi Surla, welknown for a 13th century temple carved from a single piece of stone. I was born and brought up in a village that had plenty of trees, animals and water streams. However for last 2 years I had missed all these things so this time I planned to go with the college troops….

Armed with raincoats, umbrellas and water bottles the engico troops were ready to climb a place they had never seen and nor anyone knew where exactly in Taambdi Surla we are going. Everyone thought that someone is knowing where we are going but the fact was that no one knew except our guide who was seen only at the beginning of the track and then disappeared after pointing out to a far off water fall as our destination.

Everyone seemed to be over enthusiastic. We did visit the temple first. The temple was certainly a good piece of art and the hard work put in the artists was very much visible. A small 12×8 m complete stoned temple made out of a single stone. Having 4 pillars with art work on it plus the ‘Kalash‘ of the temple was more eye-catching. Honestly compared to other Indian architectures in 13th century I would say that this temple is just ordinary one but when measured on todays scale its superb.

Ancient Temples use to have a pond but this temple has a river flowing right in front. The water flow was so intense that we did not dare to enter the water. we just touched our feet and felt the coldness that we hardly feel in the cities. The temple seemed spiritually uplifting and the touch of the water suddenly made me feel pure the better word in my mother tongue is ‘Pavitraa‘. My scientific mind now understood the meaning of washing out of sins concepts related to bath in River Ganga. I am sure that even if I had comitted any worst sin last day that cold water’s touch would have made me foregt the guilt.

We started the journey with an warning to beware of Leeches who could have sucked blood from our body. I thought that warnig was not necessary it makes you worry about it and you just cant appreciate things around you. Its worth spending a few drops of blood for it.

I got the sight of a leech when it caught Aparna’s leg. I was relaxed as the leech looked a tiny one and I was sure that it was fully incapable of sucking any significant amout of red fluide from my body. Many maong us were watching the things that had seen before only on Discovery channel. Giant trees to thick bamboo forest, tiny mushrooms to thorny shrubs mother natures exotic and everlasting beauty virtually had played a magic spell on us. None of us was now worried of the leeches and thorns. Each one of us wanted to discover more and more. Streams of water coming from ‘god knows where’. Never heard before sounds whose source remained unidentified. Smell of decayed leaves or was it soem animal dung? None of us knew.

Raincoats and umbrellas went back to bags and we were now ready to embrass the beauty of nature. Getting wet in something so pure must have originated the idea of salvation in our ancient sage’s minds.

Usual jokes (read as PJs) were there but Suhas was in particularly after me. I am a chivalrous man and I just helped Kiran to balance herself in fast flowing water which would have otherwise taken her with itself. People fail to understand me on almost every occasion. They think that I have some attraction towards Kiran and vice versa. So they jump at their own conclusions which come under the category of guesses and worse, they are happy with their guess even if they realize the truth. A beautiful whom you just know smiles at you in crowded market just beacuse she thinks you might help her in lifting one of those bags containing food stuff that makes you worry about her ‘figure in future’. We know why she smiles but you help her, and love to guess that she too likes you though deep inside you, you know the truth. Same thing is with Suhas and all they are happy with their guesses and I don’t want to steal that satisfaction from them.

He tried to take our (Me and Kiran‘s) photos when by accident (need not be actually) we were together. Whatever it may be I felt he was just trying hard to hide his disappointment and embarrassment that he had no one there to flirt with. Poor fellow, I pitty him. When you have a hope that the hen in your backyard will lay a golden egg and you too will become rich one day such feelings are bound to develop in your mind, Its more worse when the hen lays no eggs not even a ordinary one. (Suhas if u r reading this dont ask for explanation from me.)

Swapnil and Pawan were walking in front of me cracking jokes and shouting and both of them fell together on a slippery stone just like WTC on 9/11. Thankfully I was wearing shoes but with no socks and hence it was terrible. Our clothes stuck frequently in thorny trees and legs slipped over the water worn stones. We could here water flowing with tremendous speed somewhere deep inside the jungle making a sound that resembled to a free laugh of a beautiful blond with white and green flowers in her head. I guess we were walking parallely to a river and we were frequently encountering sub streams of that river. We could catch glimpses of the main river at one or two places. Where the speed on water was even faster than Audhut (better known as Anna) on his pulsar 180cc. Just the way he finds his way out of heavy traffic on road the water flew through huge rock which looked scared of the water hitting them constantly. A drop of water when fallen on Lotus leaf looks so delicate and cute, when in shell it becomes a precious perl (or is it pearl? I prefer PERL), and when angry it can even shake the biggest rock that comes in his way.
We could see the river properly only twice or thrice otherwise there was a thick insulation of forets between us and the lifeline of the forest. On our left hand side we could see nothing but thick forest which was impossible to explore. The path we were walking on was specially created for the nature lovers.

Our journey on plain ground ended soon as we started climbing a hill again covered with bamboo and similar trees (?). The river along with its sound had disappeared and we could feel the clouds around us. I wish I had Brian Adams cloud no 9 song. The track looked a bit adventurous and exhausting too. In between some girls screamed because of the leeches. Thank God we dint see any snakes and all.

We were accompanied and guided by Prof. George sir. Prof. like him are not only difficult to find but I will say they are gifts of god. There is knowledge beyond books and life beyond campus. Many fail to understand this. George sir despite his superlative qualifications is humble and always involved in activities that go beyond the limits of campus and books. Be it be a field trip or Linux.

PART 2 is under progress

4 thoughts on “In her arms………………….

  1. akshar mein samajhta hoon re tera problem ..

    actually even i am going theu a similar situation where rumours are just spreading like anything ..

    and kaka is such a person only ..
    he himself is a big “komo ”

    to say it in Abhay’s words ..

    ” daldir re to ”

    hehehe 🙂

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