In Review: Yun Hota To Kyaa Hota

Yun Hota To Kyaa Hota
Director:- Nassiruddin Shah
Main Act- Paresh Rawal, Ayesh Takia, Jimmy Shengil, Konkana Sen Sharma, Irfan Khan, Saroj Khan.

Nassir is one of the most talented actor in hindi film industry today. He has proved himself as an actor in various movies. However this time he chose to show his skills as director and everybody had high expectations from him.

I will not say that he has come up with flying colors but certainly he has delivered a movie that does not mortify you with babes in bikinies, silly double meaning comedy, item songs, illogical action sceens, emotional melodrama nothing of that sort. He has not even chosen any big starcast. The movie is enjoyable and a good experience compared to its competeters in theaters.

Four different stories are spun into one and all the 4 stories have a common climax. The movie shows man’s struggle to achieve what he thinks is good for him. Here it is America. In almost all 4 stories people want to go to America for various reasons. For Konkana it’s her husbunds love, for Irfaan its running away from Police and so on. All the actors have got short length roles but everybody has delivered good performance notable among them are Irfan Khan and Konkana, Paresh Rawal is as expected good.
The climax though ends in a hurry but makes good impact on viewvers mind. Life is all about dreams but the obstacles in our path need not be what they look like. All the characters think USA is their ultimate destination, their path to prosperity once they reach their they will be in heaven.
But when they reach US their plane is hijacked and we know the history of 9/11.

Cenamatography in my opinion could have been better and emotiona bonding between various characters could have been over emphasised. Since music had no importance with regards to the story there is no point showing dissapointment over it. The story is a bit slow but its worth it. Sceens on airport are shot well and Boman Irani’s murder is one of the best parts of the movie.

If you are planning to visit INOX this weekend I would suggest this movie rather than watcihing Golmaal, Phir Hera Feri and all that crap….

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