The Milky way.. trip continues

The sight in front of us was unbelievable. You sleep in bus and when you get up you see a beautiful girl sitting next to you, you get embarrassed and happy.You wonder if your head ever my mistake rested on her shoulder….  The track was indeed beautiful and also tiring but the Milky water falling from height of about 150 feet was so stunning that the body filled with energy just like in the EverReady ad.  

Otherwise transparent liquid looked as white as #ffffff (Thats HTML CODE). No idea from where so much water came but as I lifted my head to see the origin of the fall I felt something in my stomach. White strip of water that flowed from top dropped on the stones in front or me. It looked like those big gowns Queens used to wear. While dropping down the water burst into tiny droplets that made the whole air cool.  With a height of around 150 feet thats 45 mtrs the water came down with acceleration of g-9.8mtrs/s2 enough to make even strongest rock break.
I wondered and admired the stones that bore so much pressure for last hundreds or may be thousands of years. Everybody wanted to go under the fall but it was as dangerous as touching a queens gown without her permission given the handsome guys in our group may be touching queens gown was easier.

However we spotted a good and safe place to take the shower on our bodies and feel cold, pure water descending down the waterfall. I removed my clothes and jumped into the water. I am adventurous enough so I managed to get very close to the waterfall then I climbed up near by stone to join Rama and other people who were sitting there already. Altaf not so keen to enter the water stood far away along with girls who were shy to enter the water. I was not enjoying sitting on the stone so I climbed down back to the small bay created by a depression in a big stone. There was big enough stone between waterfall and the bay where we were protected from the fury of the falling water but we could feel the force with which water hit our body. The sound of water crushing the stones was close to deafening, touch of the cold water caused shivers in my body. I closed my eyes for a second and tried to feel the water, the air and the sound of the nature. In that deafening noise of water too I found a peace, a silence. Silence that spoke to me. What it told me I am not quite sure, but I understood that ‘there is so much to hear’ the way they say it in WorldSpace ad. Nature has its own language. A language that has different interpretations for different individuals. A thunderstorm in Mumbai brings fear among the people and same thunderstorm brings smiles in Rajasthan. Silence after tsunami was more intolerable than the killer wave itself, striking the coast.

In short while in the water of Tambdi Surla I heard Nature. We returned with memories . Abhay came with two slippers and returned with one for to describe it like in MasterCard ad
Slipper Lost: Rs:100/2=50.0
Memories earnt:- Priceles

I too returned with memories caught in my mind and camera. For that 2 hours I rested in arms of my – no – our mother. Mother nature who is not at all discriminating. No one is GEN and no one is SC/ST for her. Everyone from blood sucking leeches to still worse sucker humans she loves everyone. It was a great experience to be under her protection. For me it was like going back to my roots. BACK TO BASICS.

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