1857- A golden page in Indian History

Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam had visited Myanmar recently in his visit to Rangoon he also visited the Grave of the Mughal king Bahaddur Shah Jafar. Bahaddur Shah was the last Mughal Emperer and not only that he was the leader of War for freedom in 1857.

Many english historians claim that the war was nothing but mutiny by the soldiers. The reason they give is that the ammunition of their guns had animal fat which was against their religion. Worst our secular textbooks too cite the same reason calling it a mutiny.

The grave of Bahaddurshah has folowing lines written by the king himself,

पयें फ़ाजेहा कोई आये क्यों,
कोई चार फूल चढाये क्यों,
कोई शमा लाके जलायें क्यों,
मॆ वो बेबसी की मजार हूं

Why will someone come to my grave for prayers? Who will decorate it with flowers? Who will burn a lamp, This is the grave of a loser.

BahaddurShah died with these feelings in his heart. Dr. Kalam wrote in the guest book “You said who will visit the grave as a loser, you said who will burn a lamp here. Today I on behalf of 110 crore people of my country have come here just to do that. I hope that this will give your soul peace.”

This so called mutiny gave birth to the Congress party which rules India today. Sir Hume who was saved his life during this war by wearing BURKHA of his servant decided to set up a platform so that Indian people can put their greviences before the British Government peacefully. The organization was fully controlled by British and was almost successful in killing that aspiration for freedom.

Veer Sawarkaar had written a book on this war which was banned by three countries before it was published. British government put pressure on Russia and holland to ban this book. However the book still reached the hands of Revolutionaries and served as Gita of Revolution to them.

We should thank god that the Congress government did not ban the book in free India.

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