Its not yet Dawn but they are looking at East! Part 2

In the prev. blog I discussed a need to develop a student movement which can keep the college administration on its toes. But it is not as simple as agitating and going on strike. In fact these two things are the worst part of any student movement.

If we go to see the history of student movements in India the best is Assam Students Union. What was its work is beyond the scope of this disscussion. The second most successful and well known movement was by the Bihari and Gujrati students under the leadership of J.P. (JayaPrakash Narayan). This movement not only gave a death punch to the Indira Gandhi’s reign but also created a new wave of freedom in India. Because of this one man J.P. Indira Gandhi lost all her moral support. Even her allies started finding it difficult to support her and eventually her image got drowned into hatred by people.

Why these movements are special? For that matter when a movement becomes so special? When it has good leaders and secondly when the methods they use for attaining theri goal are ethical.

Mahatma Gandhi who is the inventor of satyagraha is a very good example of a leader. But rather than stressing on the goals of the movement he stressed more on the character of the leaders and his followers and that is why all his movements became so famous and that is why people accepted him as leader. Most of todays movements have major faults in them. They talk of satyagraha and all but they never study these weapons properly. When you do satyagraha you are supposed to be 100% on the side of satya i.e. truth.
Our today’s leaders do Fasting till death between lunch and dinner. They do demonstartions till t.v. cameras are focussed on them. All their demands are directed towards their opponents and they are not ready to accept their mistakes. Forget accepting but even to talk about them.

Mahatma Gandhi or J.P.’s movements were exactly the opposite. My friend Siddhesh Prabhu asked me once, “What is more important? Destination or devices to reach their.?” I answered “Destination”. I was wrong. M.G. or J.P. focussed on devices rather than destinations. Both of them were unsuccessful in their goal they never reached the destination they wanted to go. But today the world respects them. Look at Hitler, he was very much correct in his motives to stand against French and British who had his nation in chaos. But his methods were wrong hence he is potrayed as a villain today.

If we see MG’s movements, his demands were not always directed towards government but in fact they were more directed towards the followeres of this movement. Before asking any one to join his movements he made them pledge that they will never resort to any sort of violence. And if they want to they will have to leave the movement. When he was arrested he told his followers to remain calm and when his followers failed to do so he not only scrapped the whole movement but also took a punishment for himself admitting that it was his own fault, that he couldn’t control his followers. Now have you ever seen any political leader doing that.

Secondly his every movement was a result of extensive study in that subject. His secratory’s Mahadevbhai’s diaries have thse facts. Before planning the satyagraha he visted all the concerned people took their statements studied and verified them decided aims of his movement and only then he started the satyagraha.

When Assam Students Union started their movement they had done extensive research in that field. They studies all the laws in constitution. They studied important court verdict which served as guiding principles. Have you seen any politicians doing this today? Has Churchill Alemao studied the Mopa Project in detail does he know how much area is required to build an international airport? Has he studied plans of any international airport? Does he know what impact Sahara or DumDum airport had on the local people?
Has he seen projected figures of Civil aviation in 2010?

Coming back to GEC. If we are going to stand to bring a change in system I feel we need to set up a movement which will run for years. Their leaders will change but the principles will remain same. If our principles remain pure and free from personal greed or selfishness, we will be feared for our principles. We will get respect for our principles. For that its neccessary that the leaders as well as followers of this movement be noble in their motives as well as methods. Secondly their each step should be preceeded by extensive study and research. And in case they fail to do any of this they must have the courage to accept their mistakes. If you have seen Lage Raho Munnabhai you must have noticed that accepting mistakes requires courage.

However if we lack in this I dont think we can build a movement that will last for a long time making significant impact. Also it’s demands should not be only directed towards college or government. But it is neccessary that it should be oriented towards students. Building ethics based character which will play major role when they enter this society with education gained from this instituion is more important. Students with a sense of social responsibility and pure character. Students who are aware of their rights,duties and the role they are supposed to play in the development of the society.

Assam Students Union did this but no one noticed them. Students movements in Indonesia and Nepal played a major role in bringing up democracy over there. WE are smaller in number and we have smaller aims but that does not mean we have lesser responsibility. Students have great amount of energy it just needs a proper channel. Like someone has said ” Change is the only constant thing but it takes some time to fill the pipeline”.

2 thoughts on “Its not yet Dawn but they are looking at East! Part 2

  1. I had asked u ” whether destination is important or the journey towards it?” and u had answered as u said. what i liked is ur admittance in open.

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