Its not yet Dawn but they are looking at East!

“Its not yet dawn but they are looking at the east!”
I dont know which poet said that but it so appropriate to the current conditions in GEC. GEC has stayed in news for the whole last week. GEC had always remained very cautious about their image in media and had successfully potrayed itself as the best engineering college in Goa. It is indeed.

Over years we have seen so many GEC students spreading engico spirit all over the world. Almost every big company today has atleast one engico in it. Now, that does not mean this college provided good quality of education or anything that goes near it. It was just the tremendous aspirations of the students that helped them to excel in every field they pursued.

However in last couple of years with every batch that entered GEC we have seen only bunch of studious nerds who know only to study but nothing else. They take tuitions for 12th and their ultimate aim is to get into some professional college. Most of them are not sure whether to take Medicine or Engineering. And if engineering they are not clear about the branch. This is their passion(!) about the profession they are going to choose. What they know is just mugging up the notes and reproducing them in the answer sheets.

GEC being a government college has the perfect government system which does not need any description. They take months to move the files and are fully tangled with their procedures. PC in lab not working? write an application. Want to organise a seminar? Write an application. Wait for the application to be seen by the concerned authorities which are usually on leave. The acting authority is busy with other work.

I wanted the principal’s signature on a scholarship form for which I had visit the college twice move to nine people and take 4 signatures. That too as if they were doing a great favour to me.

For any institution to work towards its goal, it needs people who have a good character. WE can have extensive rules and procedures but if the people who are responsible to run it are not much aware of their responsibility then the whole system fails. Our librarian is missing and some Assistant Professor is in charge. Has that professor studied library science? Does he have any experience in library management? The answer is no. He changed the rules of library and the number of books being issued everyday became half. Magazine section still does not have the latest magazines. Multimedia library is dead and buried. I am not blaming the A.P. but the system which gave him this additional responsibility. When he has two things to do how is he supposed to give justice to both the jobs???
Same is the story of our Academic Department which was never efficient. But given the current conditions over there it is just few months away from ‘Chaos’. Who is the head of this department? Some prof. from Civil department who already has lots of work to do. Result? Ignorance towards Academic work. To take a signature we have to go to civil department. Our results are not declared because he is busy. We have submitted our income certificates long back but still we are not sure whether we are going to get concession or not.

I am not at all blaming these departments of people responsible. As students let us look at our behaviour. Have we ever given thought to what we can do about these problems? Have we ever done anything to improve the conditions? Have we ever asked the concerned authorities why they are ignoring their responsibilities? No.

The reasons why we never thought about it was simple. We never thought that we are capable of doing anything. We were just busy studying and preparing for ITs. That is why we were taken for granted and why the whole system became lazy. WE can not expect every person in the college to be resposnsible and dedicated towards his duties. Even US had corrupt presidents like Nixon. But when they were found guilty they were made to answer the public and that is what prevented other corrupt people from serving their own vested interests.

It is a need of time to set up a student movement that can keep a watch over every proceeding in this college. If we can successfully oragnize (I cant say that with full confidence) an event like Happenings this should be a trivial. Why cant all batches stand together for every cause that could improve the college administration?
It is certainly possible if we build a proper student movement. Today we have even the right of information act to our help. We have mediums like internet to bring students together.

Our college today does not even have a properly designed website. AND I doubt whether the homepage was updated in last 5 years. And still no student bother to ask why it wasnt? We can have forums for engico’s and ex-engicos to share our thoughts.

Just get together and start talking about the problems the administration will get scared and they will rectify the problems. Its true. Ignonarce is bliss but not for a long time. When the British Won the battle of Placy and entered Musrhidabad Lakhs of people gathered to see them standing on both sides there were 300 british soldires and 600 indian soldiers with them. If the each person watching them had thrown at least one  stone at them British wouldnt have been ruling this nation for 150 years.

However the administartion has become lazy and there will be all sorts of attempts from them to nurture the ignorance in the students.

2006 a very important year for IT branch, when the students under the leadrship of Kaushik Pathak successfully pulled the attention of the college administration and government to the problems of IT branch. With the hopeless system in place the problems were not solved but the administration learnt a lesson that they cant be so ignorant towards our problems. Now at least they listen to our problems. That really helped us when our results came extreamly poor for the sem V. When we went to Principal he not only heard or plea but also acted on it and we got free revaluation of two papers.

For the whole last week we saw two departments IT and Comp. going on strike. Actually the problem for which they were on strike haunted only these two departments actually only comp department. But every department supported us some went on strike some gave moral support. Does that mean all of them were acquainted with the actual problem? Not really.

It was just that they had hatred for the whole college administration which they wanted to show. Strike served as an excuse. Are the authorities aware of this reason? Are they aware that the engicos are no more proud of GEC? Have they heard how they criticize their own college in canteen? Its not because students do not understand the bureaucratic hassles but it is because they are getting aware of their rights. I am not justifying the current strike fully but it is just a trailer of what is going to happen in near future.

The anger of students towards the administration is only going to increase if they do not take steps to rectify their mistakes and address students grieviences properly.

This strike was not successful for the reasons we will see in my next blog but certainly it has shown a path to our juniors. What exactly should happen is not happening but what we should do is getting clear. And that is why ” Its not yet Dawn but they are looking at East!”.

One thought on “Its not yet Dawn but they are looking at East!

  1. hey good article……

    i am an engico and also very very sorry to see the current state of our beloved college

    is der ane platform wer lik minded engicos can share their views & experiences

    do let me knw…


    engico forever

    abhay shetye

    futli re!!!!!!!!!!

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