Quit India Movement of Today

Download the ms word file and read it.

Quit India Movement 2006

Why Indians don’t prefer to spend their all life in the country they are born. The country of their forefathers and their gods. They prefer Us or Europe. Why is that? What I will do? Fly to US to work for IBM? or stay here with WIPRO?

4 thoughts on “Quit India Movement of Today

  1. In your post on doordarshan you stated :

    “It was time when there were no TRPs and no Channel Marketing so there was absolutely no pressure on the directors and producers to make their serial sell. So we got the real menifestaion of art.”

    doesnt really make sense. if there was no pressure it doesnt mean the quality of the programmes were good. instead i think we as an audience were pretty immature and did not have the expectations one has today.
    now if im watching a movie and the effects are flawed i get distracted by it. whereas back then even if there was an image of a person that was badly cropped and pasted to look like he was flying etc, id be amazed (let us ignore the fact that i was about 5 years old and with a less developed brain) thats the only reason for the success of ‘shaktimaan’.

    i may have gone off on a tangent there but i wanted to mention it.

    but you do have an interesting blog. and im happy its someone from the same state as me. i study at the Goa College of Art and the situation there has gone extremely bad. i will read through more of your blog posts. i might get inspired.

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