For a few dollars more……….

What exactly is globalization? One author has put it like this. Lady Diana from London was dating Dodi from Saudi Arabia, they were driving in a German car driven by a Mexican driver who had had Scottish wine and Italian pizza in an American Hotel. When the Lady died entire world wept.  I don’t know about Dodi.


Globalization does not only mean that we view our economy as a global economy but it is also a mixture of social, cultural and political paradigm. With the globalization countries like India who inherited nothing but loss have got to see some good days while developed countries like US are continuing to get powerful and richer. Believing in the law of conservation of money, if every one is getting richer from where so much wealth is coming? No idea.


India is dreaming of touching double figured growth rate. You subtract Bihar and UP from India and we already have a double digit growth rate. When we say double digit it just 10%. But I wonder what percentage growth rate is required so that everyone in the country gets food twice a day? Well that’s not my concern I have got an engineering degree and knowledge compatible with that degree (that really needs a mention, because anyone can get a degree here). Got a job that will give me 5 figured salary (I would have loved to say 6, may be that’s the figure that will make me happy 🙂


Globalization has brought so much importance to the money that everything else seems to be fading away. Look at Goa. It is blessed with nature’s ecstatic beauty. They say it’s a place where sun woos the nature. But our politicians are all set up to sell it to outsiders. Mr. Babush Monserrate is one of the most dashing minister after Parrikar has showed an outstanding efficiency (which usually is rarely present) in catalyzing the process.


The plan? To develop Goa. Development means converting green land to concrete forests. Selling the costal line to resorts, townships etc. Well what is for goans then? Yeah, some beaches like Miramar will be kept open for public. Rest all will be as good as private property. Development means money and money means development. However where that money actually goes? No one truly knows. Chief Ministers son has been hunting for land all over the goa. From canacon to pernem everywhere he has spread his agents. All sorts of means are used to convince people that their best interest lies in selling their land. If they are not ready, there and Sarkari Babus who will make sure that the land is automatically transferred to someone else’s name and the actual owner runs to court. I need no comment what happens then.


This land acquisition spree has reached every corner of this little state. I feel that this was a large conspiracy. It seems as if government had planned to discourage all those activities that will make a land owner earn something from his land. Then remains only one choice, sell it.


Some of my acquaintances mentioned to me that CM had ordered the concerned departments to fully un-co-operate with a few land owners who wanted to go to court seeking stay order on certain property deals. When they went to search their documents the clerks did not find the file.


Suddenly a news channel spread the news that all the Congress MLA and MPs and Ministers had owned huge land in Goa. No one was surprised. Everybody knew. One thing that perhaps they forgot to mention was that most of this land was acquired by unfair means from public who had no means to say no. I remember a scene from movie Godfather where Vito Corleone makes a offer his opponent cant refuse. He puts his gun on opponents head and offers “Either your signature or your brain will be on this paper”. Guess what he chose?


I use to think that globalization meant our son of soil can sell his skills and products anywhere in the world because globalization brings value to things which looked values less till yesterday. I was wrong. It means richer get richer and richer while the poor has to only suffer. These poor people then do anything for a few dollars more…………………. Sell even their mother.




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