V for Vendetta : Shades of Truth


Zindagi ke har ik mod pe nazar aayaa

Teri nigah-e-karam ka Ghana Ghana saya.


Some can see that some cant. Relative is the world as it looks. You can see something that does not mean it really exists and vice versa. Our National Emblem says “Satyamev Jayate” Truth always prevails. But whose truth?


If Saddam has to die for murdering 140 people than why Bush should be enjoying Golf when he has killed thousands of innocents in Afghanistan and Iraq? Among those killed there were kids and women who had nothing to do with the war. More than 1000 kids in Afgan are handicapped due to bombing. May be the truth of powerful is ‘real’ truth? But then Saddam too was powerful till yesterday. Even power is relative Saddam was powerful but not more than Bush. Then why could a person like Gandhi shook an empire that ruled half the world?


For Indians, British were cruel and they destroyed our civilization. For British they gave us enlightenment and made us civilized. To congress BJP is communal but for BJP congress is the most communal party. While one can argue that equality of opportunity means lack of reservations and prioritized opportunities but our laws use the same terms to do exactly opposite.


While all political parties claim that they are 100% clean, corruption does exist. While everyone knows that the person they elected has betrayed all their expectations they do elect him back again. Why is all thing happening is there was just one truth.


Take the case of Jasicca Lal murder. The accused Manu Sharma murdered her in front of a huge crowd and everybody seemed to be convinced with that except the court. A 8 year long battle finally convicted him after reopening the case in supreme court. The battle was fought by her sister Sabarina Lal who won awards for her perseverance. If she had lacked that perseverance would the truth have prevailed? How many Jessicas must have been murdered and the truth might got darkened because they did not have a siter like Sabarina.


May be the truth is not ‘what is the case’ but what you believe it to be. The truth value depends on with what intensity you believe in it and how long you can fight for it. On many occasion Bhagvadgita uphold the concept of truth. It also guides us on these relative aspects of truth. While all the doubts Arjun raised were also true, the explaination what Krishna gave too was true. Finally Arjun believed that his truth lied in fighting the war. Bhishma and Dronacharyaa knew both sides of truth. They knew that Panadwa were right and they will win. They knew that death was waiting for them in the battle still they stuck to their truth.


These epics provided us such grand visions of truth and other concepts that are present in human life. But I think we have forgotten our past. Today in India we don’t seem to understand that there can be different views of truth for different people, while both of them can be right.



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