The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Good because it will unite people. Against the powerful, rich and greedy. Good because it will tell us the true power of democracy. It will awaken the people who until yesterday thought that they were mere puppets in someone’s hand. Kudos to my villagers who stood united against the ‘Proposed Mining Project’ in the village Loliye. I need not reiterate the bad effects that it will cause on our health, environment and agriculture. Everyone knows it too well. But for those people who are blinded by the glitter of money wont see that and unfortunately they are the ones who have the power to decide the verdict.

Bad because they could not manage to get a proper and unanimously chosen leader. The biggest mistake was to invite the Ex-Sarpanch and Current/Ex-MLA. These are the people who in the first place can spoil the show and they have almost succeeded in it. I doubt that the entire thing is actually a political game that our Ex-MLA is playing after a successful ‘Rasta-Roko’. In December. Sources reveal that the person who asked for mining permission is non-existent. Though I am yet to confirm this from the Public information officer of the Dept. of Mines.

Some say that E-MLA Isidore Fernandese has done a farse to create an impression that he saved the village from mining hazards. Some say that he has already accepted bribe to convince or to fool the people in accepting this mining proposal. If the leadership lands into his hands that is what will happen.

Ugly was the show put up by Ex-Sarpanch Mohandas Lolayekar who tried to potray himself as the self declared leader of the agitation. The person who invited him as a the co-ordinator of the agitation must have been his own man. The coordinators ended the meeting with words like this ‘those who support us may do this…….blah blah blah’.

Before that he gave his unsolicited advise to form a committee comprising of DEvasthan Presidents Church father teachers etc etc. He conveniently kept silence on who would chair the committee. During Penguine Alcohol plant he had shown his ‘efficiency’ by first raising an agitation and then retreating with money in his hands and ‘Ghanta’ in the agitator’s hand.

I don’t know much about this committee and all but I am fully committed to do my best to repeal these suicidal plans. My village is beautiful and I want it to keep it that way. People have already started a signature campaign but the youth doesn’t seem to be enthusiastic about it especially from the neighboring villages. I personally feel that every goan should oppose any mining projects in Goa. The goan land is not meant for mining. Nor the quality of ore here is that good. Why people come here for mining is because due to its taxing regime and certain preferential treatment from central government. I read this in economic times; I am yet to figure what these treatments actually are.

I plead to my villagers to speak for themselves and prevent the steering wheel to go into the hands of the crooked politicians.

PEOPLE who have read this blog and wish to help the movement may download a sample main from and modify it and send to the Governor of Goa email:

One thought on “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

  1. There is no quation of mining in my village. The peaple who are dreaming of it will be awakened up by large roar of peaple of my village against it.

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