Recently I have been receiving lots of criticism over the titles of my blog. While the main title says “Akshar Uvach’ which means ‘Akshar Speaks’ (Sanskrit) most of my blogs are proud to display titles which are actually movie names.

When I changed my orkut profile’s name to ‘4 Weddings and a funeral’ I had not expected anyone to understand it. But when I told them that it tell how I answered my examinations some really appreciated it and some still twisted their nose.

I took some time to realize that not everyone watches movies and I had to clarify that it’s a movie name. A well known movie name. The lady prof. of the ‘Funeral’ subject looked very serious about my usage of that word. May be she hadn’t seen the flick.

Another point that I admit is that many times the title and blog has no relation. Rather than saying no relation I would say ‘abstract relation’ (that’s the way Management guys hide their mistakes, manipulate words). But then even my blogs are very abstract.

Let me clarify one thing. I appreciate the critics but I have no plans to change my self unless there is no other option. But keep sending me your feedback.

But as a token of respect to you the title of this blog is not of any movie. But the word is inspired from a movie ‘Sound of Music’. Where the kid introduces to his new governess as ‘I am Incorrigible’ and his next line “What’s meant by that word?”

5 thoughts on “Incorrigible

  1. hello dear…
    u dont have to be so defensive…. when someone criticizes u just listen….if u find it makes sense try implementing it… nobody is forcing u
    be open —- thats the way to improve… u dont have to declare on the spot that “I have no plans to change my self unless there is no other option”.

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