Finding Neverland

‘Ek raah mood gayi to mein bhi mood gaya, Hawa ke paron pe mera ashiyaana.
Musafeer hoon yaron, na Ghar hai na thikana………….’


All these guys always come up with big plans. That word ‘plan’ is a irony (or may be an oxymoron, my English is weak), because there is hardly any planning there. One fine morning when I was in bed thinking that I still have 2 more hours to sleep before I get up at 10a.m. I received a call from Altaf.


Their plan was to go to ‘doodhsagar’ a major waterfall in Goa. Rs 100 was all that I would require for it. I got up and packed by bag. After a long wait 4 people arrived at my place. 5 of us were going to find a land we had not explored before.


Whenever I switch on Radio to listen music, AIR airs some ‘seminar on AIDS’. Whenever I switch on my TV I find that Cable is not working and when I want to play a game on my comp desperately the current shows its absence. So here too luck was not in our favor. Just when we imagined an imaginary green flag to start our ride Altaf’s Activa (borrowed from someone) showed its reluctance in participating in our plans. Its kick got stuck up. Mech wizs like Audhut failed to tame the machine and hence it was taken to a near by clinic. Treatment was granted by a mechanic, while I wondered what could be the original color of his clothes. Finally the machine was tamed to follow our orders. I was on Harshavardhan’s bike while Audhut and Rama competed with winds. Altaf was on that unreliable Activa.


We were riding not as if we were ruling the world but as if dint care who ruled the world. We had no shame or fear neither in overtaking Governors motorcade nor in disobeying the Police asking us to stop because we did not wear a Helmet. And the scene could not have completed without an accident. While taking a U turn Harsh forgot that some of his delicate body part can get hurt. It was minor one. Bike makers must understand that those bikes are meant for men and some special ergonomic considerations are not to be ignored.


Finally we reached Sangem where we took our lunch and started asking people how to reach doodhsagar. The next halt was at ‘Kullem’. From newspapers and from an aunt who stays there I had portrayed an Image of that place as very remote and underdeveloped, to my surprise it was little town with almost everything, even a Railway Station.


From there we had two paths. One through water and one through as small road meant for bicycles along the rail track. Altaf me and Rama were ready to walk the entire distance from Kullem to Doodhsagar but Harsh and Audhut were ready to do anything but walking.


There was a heated debate and discussion to discuss the further course of action and finally after wasting 1 Hr. we decided that we will go walking on the railtrack while keeping our bikes in a secure place like nearby police station. I for some unknown reason like to stay away from Police. Not that I fear them but for them ‘intimidation is argument and assault is proof’ and its not for a person who believes in logic. Somehow I thought entering the police station was not at all a good idea.


And the worst thing happened. The PI instead of helping us and appreciating our endurance told us to scrap any plans to go to doodhsagar because the entry gets closed after 5pm. Respecting his advise against our wish we reached back to Sangem. Bikes run on petrol and we had just enough to reach Panaji. After some deep thinking Rama’s brain came up with an exciting idea to go to Aguada Fort or the light house. Even though we had some peer pressure and even after a continuous 2 hr ride we were told that it will impossible to enter the lighthouse. So called it a day and sat on a bench outside discussing ‘Ghosts’ and ‘student politics’.


The gods did not favor us and we found that even the doors of the forts too closed. To remove our anger Rama dislocated one stone from the fort on my motivation. With a determination to PLAN the next trip we returned home.


Finally it was like FINDING NEVERLAND.



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