A beautiful (Indian) mind

This is one movie that inspired me like anything. A persons victory over his notorious mind. A fight with his destiny. A true mathematicians approach to the problem solving. A movie based on the true story of John Nash an extraordinary mathematician who suffered from schizophrenia.He eventually won the Nobel award for economics.

Vasishtha Narayan Singh, looks like a middle class villager from Bihar with a green sweater and a monkey cap. Actually he is an mathematician. Born in Basantpur, Bihar he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia while studying at the University of California, Berkeley in 1960.

He showed the conviction to overcome this illness and taught at University of Washington and IIT-Kanpur. Just like John Nash had a supporting wife whose love helped him to understand the logical reasons of life in love, Vasishtha had his ailing mother who loved him a lot.

He taught to imaginary students for hours. He quoted Sanskrit Sholkas and would write mathematical proofs on walls. He also had an hobby(?) to collect broken pens. Unlike John Nash no particular reasons were found which triggered this sort of illness.

His illness reached such a stage that he had to be admitted to IBHAS-Delhi for further treatment. Where he got a bit better and could teach for some hours.

Mental illness is not a disease. It’s just a relative shift in a person’s outlook towards how he perceives the things around him. Many celebrities and genius in the world have seen very bad days in the final stages of their life because of mental problems.

Friedrich Nietzsche was a germen philosopher. He once happened to see a horse being whipped and had a mental breakdown. He caught his own neck with his arms and collapsed. He never returned to sanity.

Marlin Monroe was unquestionably most sought after lady in hollywood at her time. It is said that she was the first person to bring the word sexy in film jargon. One day she was found dead in her apartment. No one ever came to know why she committed a suicide.

Jack the Ripper caused a wave of fear in Britain a few decades back. He would kill prostitutes in a very cruel way. He use remove their intestines and throw it on the floor. He killed more than 20 women. He was never caught nor the Scotland Yard ever reached to any substantial evidence. After 30 years the researchers obtained some evidence that suggested though not proved that a doctor in the city committed this crime. His son had got a STD through some prostitute and caused him some intestinal infection. Eventually he died in xtream pain. The father took his revenge on every women whom he suspected to be a prostitute.

A. Turing; we all have studied his Turing machines which in theory can solve any computational problem. He is supposed to be the father of computational science which lead to the invention of computers. He was found dead in his lab one day. He had consumed Potassium cinide in such way that it would look like an accident. A note from him was later found that had an explanation. He had committed suicide but he dint want his mother to know that he committed suicide. Though the reasons for his suicide was not known.

“The Hallmark of creativity is original thinking” Says Nimesh Desai from Head of Psychiatry at Institute of Human behavior and allied sciences. “Original thoughts often fall within the realm of abnormal. This abnormal idea might prove to be critical to humanity or might spring from some mental disorder. The line between two is blurred”.

Reference: Wikipedia, Hindustan Times, Economic Times.

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