Web 2.0 : Hype or Reality?

Recently I was in IITB to attend a workshop on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and Web 2.0. I don’t know how these two concepts can so seamlessly feature in a single workshop and they did fail in doing so.


Not just blending this two topics spoiled the soup but most of the talks seemed irrelevant to SOA as well as Web 2.0 Service Oriented Architecture is often misunderstood as next version of Object Oriented Architecture which is not a complete truth. SOA too can be viewed as OO concept. SOA is more focused on the services rather than the technical aspects like. SOA is not just about software, it also includes humans and other components.


Web 2.0 on the other hand finally reduces to just one thing, ‘Enhanced UI in the browser’. Since UI is probably least revolutionary part of any software, it is not often thought as something capable of making a paradigm shift. However Web 2.0 has definitely served as a launch pad for the most revolutionary services on Internet. May it be AJAX based Google search API or the mashups on programmableweb.com all these things are based on AJAX and other Web 2.0 technologies.


People like sites with quicker and simpler interface. They want the content to be dynamic and agile. Definitely money lies where people are interested and lots of research work has been done in finding out how we can give a rich user experience without changing the underling technologies. It’s like Indian Railways adding cotions to the second class seats without changing their ‘inherently Late’ nature.


Web 2.0 is more of a hype then reality in my opinion because it is not something that is necessary to be competitive there can be other methods as well but I guess that most of the big players will go this way. Microsoft and Google have already assumed that all the great software in future will be used in the browser windows rather than in stand alone applications. Google Docs is one example.


Another issue is of interoperability. Linux and windows might be two extreme ends when it comes to their internal design but when you surf net using Firefox or IE the user experience is the same. And now look at Mobile hand sets even they offer almost same user experience. So with a software on web you can target more users than stand alone application. That is where Web plays an important role. I don’t think SOA and Web 2.0 are so tightly coupled but they are related like second or third cousins of each other.


Day is not far when we will talk about Web 3.0 when will open their browser and point to nfsoversky.com to play nfs in their browser. Web developers get ready for this kind of revolution. I hope that game development doesn’t come in PHP or may be it will be easier in PHP🙂

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