One night @ GEC hostel

Every college hostel has its unique culture and its own thrills. Unfortunately I was never a part of this until today. 25th or 26th of April? I am in two minds because it all happened at night.

The hosteloids were partying in their own style on the terrace while me and Prabhav were in the hostel room. Along with loud music was the NASHA of Royal Stag and dilution of Pepsi. Worst, I was using the comp which controlled the hard rock that was playing to keep all the party animals awake.

Santosh too was in the room acting as a DJ for the crowd on top. The crowd use to shout in sentences that started with Ma* ,f* etc etc. and Santosh use to play the music of their choice while I too surfed the net on the same PC. The bad words that they used in that small session added lot many words to my vocabulary.

Suddenly someone entred the room saying “Police, ayale re…” “Shetty band kare re music” before I realised what was happening shetty had put off the lights and the comp as well. While all the boozing party rushed the room my 6th sense told me that I should run out of the room. I started searching my shoose and the drunk monks closed the door from inside.

I was shaken up. I heard the police syren as well now. I jumped on the bed and covered myself with a bedsheet and I realised that I was surrounded by all those who were drunk like anything. The fear of police kicked off their NASHA and now they were discussing what to do next.

I could remember only one thing. “250 youngsters caught in a a Rave Party in Pune” the head line on TOI. May be I will feature in tomorrows news papers. But what really entertained me was the fear among all those party animals who even a few minutes earlier behaved as if they owned the world.

I thought that I should pretend to be sleeping and lied on the bed. In that darkness a guy near me touched me and tried to recognize my face. With that much alcohol in his body I am sure he wouldnt have even recognised himself in front of the mirror. “Kon re tu?” he asked me. i was looking at him for the first time and not expecting him to know me I whispered my name.  I think his brain took some time to process this entire introdoction and after some two minutes he shouted to Shetty. “Shetty! Akshar mhanun kon Ghusalare hanga” Shetty knew his language well and he shut him up in his language. “F*ya Ogi raav ataa naa jalyaar lath galatalo G******r “.

We heard the footsteps approaching our door. Over and above we even heard a Knock on our door. Someome was asking us to open the door while someone tryied calling up some VIP for protection.

The person went on clocking the door while everyone stood in silence. I thought that the police is gonna break the door now. I remembered the rules that the police can not arrest any one in the campus without the permission of the principal.

Finally the it was revealed that the VIP that boy was calling was actually a wrong number. Finally he got the VIP on line. He assured him to open the door and we found that the police had gone long back.

No one actually knew who knocked the door but it was true that the police had indeed come. We had lots of fun then at the cost of Pawan, Audhut and Harsh who were not only scared but totally out of their senses. Pawan also made speech on the topic only he could understand. He did his best to convince us that he is in his own senses but his behavior proved exactly the opposite. he spoke on lot many topics which expressed his profound thoughts and imaginative narration (guess the source of imagination!).

Again I was made a part of the action. Paranjape entered the scenario with style. He took some time to analyze me and recognize me. I don’t think any of the hostelites had ever thought that I would be the part of their environment but thankfully Paranjape recognized me and saved me from one more embarrassment.

“are ho ITcho scholar mare”- Paranjape I had never expected  this. Thinking that I have saved myself I slowly moved myself towards the door. “Khay vata re? hanaga yo” Pawan shouted at me. I quietly sat on the chair expecting the unexpected.

“Akshar, please explain me what is an abstract class.” demanded paranjape. Explaining anything like to him in that situation was like pouring water on a buffalo s back but I though may be he will allow me to go. trying to maintain a smile on my face I told him what abstract class was. I bet if I had told him that abstract class is a girl in First Year he would have agreed to it. I was trying my best to escape the situation but the look in the Pawan’s eyes was holding me back there.

I was embarrasing myself and Abhay Altaf and Co. were having fun at my cost. Worst I was wondering how this entire episode will get narrated to the classmates tomorrow.

Paranjape’s Questions and my answers had become an issue of prestige for Pawan. With each of my correct question he made fun of Paranjape. Finally Paranjape asked me some medical term I think ‘Bronchitics”  which too I had to answer.

Audhut was in hibernation till then. Suddenly he woke up, you tell me one thing akshar what is XXXXXX i dont remember what was that.

I had to surrender now. “Pardon me my friend” – i joined both my hand to him and swiftly wen to Shetty’s room and slept.

17 thoughts on “One night @ GEC hostel

  1. bravo….encore
    i dint think it wud be so funny….
    and abhay…..
    akshar never admits losing his composure….. 😉

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