Akshar’s Recco : The Most enjoyable and authentic Hindi Movies


Have you heard of this movie? I am not so sure. I too happened to see this movie accidentally. A man goes to carnival and sits on a giant wheel. Luckly a young and sweet girl happens to sit near him. And when they reach the heights power fails and the entire night they have to spend on the wheel. You might say how lucky he is but there is more to it. The man in the story is married. And has to cover up his disappearance at that night he creates a story which leads him to several troubles. His suspicious wife is too smart to believe him. The lies he tells his wife takes them through one embarrassing situation to another. Spice is added to this by Asrani who won Filmfare award for this movie. Its not only hilarious but I also feel that the movie was very much original.

Hazaron Khwahishein Aisi(2005):

It was the time when our nation was getting pulled in a thousand directions. The youth was rebellious but was unsure of which direction to go in. Three college friends, Shayni Ahuja, Kay Kay Menon and Chitragandha Singh. One becames a Enterprenuer, other a Violant Communist and Chitragandha just marries to and IAS officer to later break the relationship. The nation goes through turbulent times while the destiny brings these friends close once again. How they face the situations is worth having look at and at the end of the forced emergency by Indira Gandhi, the ways they choose to go is very very touching. Director Sudhindra Mishra who earlier gave classic like Culcutta Express meets to the expectations better than expected. This movie also introduced Shayni to the industry. Chitragandha too was well appreciated and for Kay Kay it was just another milestone.

Top-notch performances, touching back-ground score and its intense script take ‘Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi’ to never-before-scaled heights of cinema.Its a movie about believing in something so unconditionally, that you give whatever it takes to stand up for it..even if it is your life. The film showcases the three selfless lives of free India’s first generation in their youth set in the back-drop of Naxalite moment and Emergency.

Bombay (1995):
Directed by Mani Rathnam, the film starred Manisha Koirala and Arvind Swamy. A Hindu man (Swamy) and a Muslim woman (Koirala) fall in love and elope in the face of their fathers` objections. They settle down to a happy life in Bombay. Their idyllic existence is interrupted by the looming politico-religious situation and the demolition of the Babri mosque. Riots in the city lead to their sons getting lost and finding shelter with a hijra (transvestite). Finally peace is restored by the intervention of individuals from the Hindu and Muslim communities. The film attracted controversy and tremendous critical & commercial acclaim. Arvind Swamy my fav. Actor stopped working in movies after this. Bu this movie was perhaps the best movies ever made on Hundu-Muslim relationship without any bias or prejudice.

Trivia: It was based on true situation in Mumbai in 1993. Cameraman Rajiv Menon was offered the lead role by Mani Ratnam, but he turned it down.

Maya Memsaab (1992):

Directed by Ketan Mehta, the film starred Deepa Sahi, Farouque Shaikh, Shah Rukh Khan, Raj Babbar, Om Puri, and Paresh Rawal. The film is about the fantasies of a middle class beauty (Sahi) – her search for excitement and glamour, and refusal to accept her humdrum life. Love affairs and irresponsible buying culminate in her house being auctioned off and her creditors demanding payment. She dies as dramatically as she had lived. The inherent extravagance of the character is vividly brought out by Sahi. The hit song Ek hasin nigaha ka held within its beautiful lyrics the transitory magic of love and beauty. It was composed by Hridaynath Mangeshkar. This was that movie that increased my interest in films. I imported the book ‘Madam Bovary’ on which this film was based.

Khamoshi (old one)

A mentally unstable patient arrives in a hospital. A nurse in hospital played by Wahida Rehman tries hard to cure him and in the process falls in love with him. The man gets okay and leaves Wahida and goes back to his beloved. This keeps the nurse shattered. And a new patient arrives. She tries hard to cure this man too and falls in love with him again. But the fear that the old episode might reapeat again eats her brain up and she gets mad. The plot is set in a Hospital and and the movie is directed superbly. Wahida Rehman’s acting is unquestionably the brightest side of the movie. The song ‘Wo shaam kuch ajeeb thi’ is just haunting.

Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron (Kundan Shah, 1983):

No cheap humor, no poor jokes, just a simple inexpensive movie, yet a great script and wonderful actors make it one of the best comedies ever produced by Hindi cinema. Rib-tickling, side- splitting, it is a comedy as it should be, and so very rarely is. Corrupt politicians, thieving contractors, their scheming rivals and their inapt secretaries, add two idealistic but naive young photographers in the right place at the right time, throw them all together along with a dead body and all hell breaks loose, and it is hilarious. Everyone in the cast – Naseerudin Shah, Ravi Baswani, Punkaj Kapoor, Satish Shah, Satish Kaushik and Om Puri have given brilliant performances. Probably amongst the best. The wittiest satire ever, JBDY will ever remain a cult classic. The film won Filmfare (1985) Awards for Best Comedian (Ravi Baswani). Just look at the cast man.

Trivia: The movie was ultra low budget. The lead and veteran actor Naseeruddin shah was paid only Rs. 15000. And he had to bring his own Nikkon Camera to use in the movie since his role was that of photographer. At the end of the movie this camera was stolen and that remained the greatest regret of the actor. Satish Koushik played the best role of his life here and it must be seen to believe.

Pyar Kiye Ja (C. V. Sridhar, 1966):

A mad mad comedy highlighting the eccentic Kishore Kumar and the comic genious of Mehmood, Pyar Kiye Ja spawned many remakes. Shashi Kapoor plays Kishore Kumar’s friend who falls in love with Om Prakash’s daughter, Rajshree. After a string of lies and impersonations, Kishore manages to convince Om Prakash to marry his daughter off to Shashi. The problem arises when Om Prakash expresses a desire to meet Shashi’s parents. He produces Kishore disguised as an old man as his father in one of the most hilarious situations in the movie. Mehmood, Om Prakash’s son, plays an aspiring film director in the movie. The classic scene when he narrates his to-be-made horror film story to his dad replete with sound effects of raindrops, door creeking and wind blowing, is one of the funniest scenes of Hindi cinema. Not surprising, Mehmood won the Filmfare (1967) Award for Best Comedian for his role.

Chupke Chupke (Hrishikesh Mukherjee, 1975):

With every scene rib-tickling, every dialogue hilarious, and a story that has the audience in splits, Chupke Chupke ranks as one of the top comedies in Hindi cinema. Mukherjee once again shows that he is capable of presenting comedy in a sublime manner as he does emotions. Right through the movie not a single scene seems to be out of place. Performances in the movie are the backbone of the film. Dharmendra and Sharmila Tagore keep you spellbound for the initial part of the movie while Amitabh Bachchan steals the show in the later. The high point of this comic caper is the perfect timing that Dharmendra and Om Prakash share, making their scenes a treat to watch. Another highlight of the movie is its melodious music by S. D. Burman.

Prahar( 1992):

An army officer whose life is just about serving his nations comes to know that one of his best commandos is killed by local thugs in his hometown. He goes to that commando’s hometown to present sympathies to his family and realizes that whatever happened with his soldier was not correct. He decides to fight back but soon realizes that is is not a direct war. Crime in society is not the only side of problem, he also remembers his own childhood where in his mother was forced to sell herself in the money market. Like a brave soldier he fights with the problems but the court terms him as a psychic and sends him to asylum. The army officer is played very realistically by Nana Patekar and he himself performed some nerve breaking scenes of commando training.

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  1. hey adi I happened to see the movie on TV accidently the DVD or VCD is not available anywhere not at least in any video shop.

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