Ram Gopal Varma ki Aag

Mehbooba Mehbooba…. Helen’s oscillating Hips, RD Burman’s foot tapping music and Veeru and Jay slowly moving in the darkness of night to capture Gabbar. Movies like this are made once in a lifetime. Its difficult to say what was so significant about this movie that made it popular. It was just another action filck. But then it is also difficult to say what was wrong with this movie. May it be Jay Veru’s action or Jaya Bhaduri’s tragedy or Basanti or Surma Bhopali’s Comedy. Everything in this movie seemed top notch. It was movie with no big cars, no big guns, no skin shows no big police force moving here and there. Just an ordinary village Ramgad and three protagonists against a veteran Daku Gabbar. Jaya Bhaduri’s silence spoke as much as Basanti’s non-stop tongue. The class of acting in this movie was simply not seen before. Every character in this movie had its own presence felt. From Sachin to Jagdish who had screen presence of less than 5 minutes made a mark so strong that years after that MTv made mimics on them all.

Ramu has always tried to give us something different but I think this time he missed the point that different doesn’t always mean good or interesting. The name of the movie ‘Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag’ should have suited any C grade or Bhojpuri movie but the standard of the movie was worst than anything I have seen. Even ‘Salim Langde pe mat ro-O’ was better than this piece of Crap.

Someone should have told Ramu that not all good things in this worlds are supposed to be touched by him. Not with the kind of hands he handled this movie at least. Amitabh might be a great actor but that does not mean he can do any role better than anyone else. Amjad Khan’s Gabbar was loved by all for his dreadful eyes, mercy less acts and more because of the fear he caused among those who saw him on screen. Amitabh simply fails to deliver a performance of that caliber. More than fear you start feeling that he is a psycho.

You divide original sholay by 25 and what you get is 100 times more than this Aag. Nowhere in this movie you feel connected to the two main protagonists Ajay Devgan and the other guy both with mediocre performance. The Basanti in original movie might had a tomboy type attitude but there was feminine fragrance to her personality which is totally absent in her counterpart in this movie. There is no humor that makes you laugh but it makes you feel like banging your head on the wall.

I did not watch the full movie and I dont know about the cilmax and all that but I advise you all not spend a buck on this junck. If you are so keen for an week end entertainment just buy a original sholay DVD and forget yourself while watching those oscillating hips of dance queen Helen.

Note: The songs in Aag are so cheap that I dont even remember any.

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