Story of a Successful Indian Businessman

A city boy Shambhu bought a goat from his village for Rs 1000. The person selling ti took the money and promised ot deliver the goat to his city next day. However on the subsequent day Shambhu was told that the goat had died suddenly. Shambhu asked back his money, the person said he couldnt as he had already spent it. Since the seller was the village Sarpanch Shmabhu could nto argue. He said please give me the dead body at least. So the
Sarpanch gave him the dead body wondering what shabhu could do with a dead body.

A month later when Shambhu had gone back to village Sarpanch asked him what he did with the dead goat. Shambhu said he raffled it off.

I sold 500 tickets for Rs. 10 each and made profit of Rs. 3990
Sarpanch was damn surprised. Nobody complained? Yes the person who won the Goat di complain but I gave him back his 10 Rs.

Shambhu grw up and became a successful Indian Businessman.

I have taken this story from a book called ‘Games Indian Play’. The books tries to unfold how we Indians are privately smart and publicly foolish. How we try to avoid responsibilities and push them on others. The author not only gives real life examples to prove his point but also tries to show us how wrong and stupid we are using Concepts From Game theory. Why we are the way we are in the tag line of book and it is very apt.

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