In 1956, while a graduate student at MIT, Amar Bose purchased a high-end stereo system and was disappointed when it failed to meet his expectations. [20] He later began extensive research aimed at fixing what he saw as fundamental weaknesses plaguing high-end audio systems. The principal weakness, in Bose’s view, was that the overall design of the electronics and speaker failed to account for psychoacoustics, i.e. the listener is part of the system. Eight years later, he started the company, charging it with a mission to achieve Better Sound Through Research (which is also the company’s slogan).

I was really surprised to know that BOSE was a company started by an Indian. Today this $1.8B company has clients like US Navy, Pentagon, NASA and the richest people in the world. Amar Bose was an IITian who invented a total new Range of speakers. That time Indian had no breeding ground for enterprenuers. The government denied him capital and instead asked him to give his technology to the government so that the government could sell his product through a Public Company. Like any other smart and intelligent indian he flew to US for further studies and also started his own Company Bose Corporation. One Speciallity of his company is that it reinvests entire profits back to the company the owner takes nothing but a salary.

Amar Bose is currently the director of the company. A goood example how talented people in India never make it big because of the dogmatic thinking adopted by the government.

Ulhas Nagar Sidhi Association aka USA is well known all over India for their immitation goods. From iPods to Addidas shoes there is hardly anything that they have into replicated. But on thing they have never managed to imitate is Bose Speakers. Reason? The unique design. Bose speakers use a unique reflectivity property of sound. internally the speakers are made up combination of plates made up glass. These plates are arranged such that the moment you open the box or break it these plates fall down with out keeping any clue of how they were arranged.

The possible number of combinations are so many that u just cant guess how they were originally and without those plates those speakers just cant work.

Ok the cost of these products is well beyond our reach, nevertheless very few multiplexes in Delhi have these speakers it seems. And its a different sound…..


  1. I understood some constructional details of Bose speaker . I am a music lover from childhood posseing Technic, Kenwood , poineer , sansui , National hi fi system .Every time whenever I go to market to buy “BOSE SPEAKER ” , I return back empty hand after seeing the price though I am an engineer earning six digit salary . Sure I will win one day .

  2. hello mr Michael Efremidis

    Have you ever tested a bose sound system or u’ve just read abt them???

  3. Theres a correction

    Well Amar Bose is not an IITian, he is from MIT Boston. His father,a revolutionist, fled to US in 1920s and got married.He is born and been brought up there.

    I dont where did you get those information regarding indian govt asking him his technology. Its crap!!

  4. How is Bose an INDIAN PRODUCT when Amar Bose is an American by birth??
    I doubt if he even visited India before he founded the company.

    Wrong title. i agree with Anurag above.

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