Sarakati Jaye hai rukh-se

Sarakti jaye hai rukh se naqaab ahista ahista…

Jagjitji’s vibrant voice uttered these lines with such a mastery that I could actually visualize a black naqaab just moving off a beautiful face. It was the recording of a live concert got from youtube.

Gazal is not a type of song, but a type of poetry; not limited to Urdu but Urdu or hidustani Gazal enjoy’s a status unmatchable by any.

This gazal expresses in style the feelings of a lover who has loved his love right from childhood, when she need not wear Naqaab beofore him. But now that she has blossomed into adolescence she feels shy to appear before him exposed. However that ‘Sarakti jaye ..’ line actually means she wants to show her face to him as because she knows he cant live without watching it. And for him it cant be anything less than the’ niklta aa raha hai aftaab’ meaning moon coming out of darkness.

Gazal can truely be enjoyed by people who are highly sensitive. Who understand emotions and it is truly enjoyable in live concerts or ‘Mehfil’ as they call it.

Jagjitji was the one who made Gazal popular on electronic media. However his concerts are much more than imitation of the songs on electronic media. He often sings the same song with different styles and inbetween adds some popular shayari by great poets.

In this famous song he added a very interesting couplet. Kanvaljit and Amisha Patel were among the crowd.

“Sawale Vasl per unko hai Voodo ka khauf itnaa,
Daabe hoton se dete hai javaab ahista ahistaaa…”
(sawale vasl per means in todays language ‘asking for a DATE, lets meet somewhere :)’ voddoo means opponent or villain like person,)

Galib has been my favourite poet and to be honest i havent read anyone else so much. Similarly when it comes to listening i always prefer Jagjitsingh and I havent heard anyone else except Chitra Singh; the number 2 in my list.

Galib’s poems are very tough to understand however let me put one of the simplest gazal’s from him. By simple I mean only in terms of words not the meaning. There are great people who show different meaning from his same gazal.

“Koi ummeed bar nahin aati
Koi surat nazar nahin aati
Maut ka ek din muaayyan (fixed) hai
need kyon raat bhaar nahin aati?
Marate hai aarzoo mein marne ke
maut ati hai per nahin aati
Kaaba(a revered place) kis mooh se jaaoge galib
Sharm tumko magar nahin a

4 thoughts on “Sarakati Jaye hai rukh-se

  1. i always knew u were too sensitive…..but u appear so….tough….
    my level of sensitivity is higher….i hate jagjit singh….he makes me feel sleepy….
    but thanks to this article i feel like listening to him now…

  2. Hi friend, Toughness is not opposite of sensitiveness.
    Toughness is how you reciprocate to situations when they go against you.

  3. Hi

    Thanks for the article, I guess, gulam ali is also a great singer and so is mehdi hassan and I simply love both including jagjit singh of course.

    I do not know urdu, but can understand most, by you can say, trying to go to the depth of the meaning … but I would really love to understand the whole of this particular poem … can you please elaborate this …


  4. Hi,

    Thanks for your comment. Understanding Gazals is always tougher more because each couplet has a meaning of its own and need not be in the context of previous couplets.

    For example you read the first two lines of the Gazal posted above and then read the next two lines. You will realize that these two couplets are mutually exclusive.

    You can not understand true meaning of Gazals unless you know what qualifies a poem to be a Gazal. Please read my post for this purpose.


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