Dil dhoondta hai…..

I had a nice childhood. Though as a child I never seemed to appreciate it but today my heart sings the song ‘ Dil Dhoondta hai fir wahi fursat ke raat din ‘. I lived in a beautiful village called loliye. It had its own charm just like ‘Malagudi’ in Narayanan’s stories.

I lived in a house which had a forest behind it and National Highway after you cross the forest. In front of my house we had a small tiny path. There was no road so close by. Also there are few coconut trees and then vast field in front of the house. The fields still have a tiny river as well.

My house

There were many moments in my life which I cherish. Sometimes we live for big things, money, fame and what not. But in a hurry to catch those big dreams we overlook those tiny moments which stay in your mind throughout your lifetime.

Our earth was supposed to enter in some kind of meteorite belt and as a result of that we were supposed to view natural fireworks in the sky. I mean the thousands of falling stars in the sky. 🙂 News papers were full of the news and other details. The time was to be 4:30 in the morning.

My locality had full plans to view this event. Getting out of the bed at that time was certainly a difficult task. And today its just impossible for me, I can stay without sleeping till that time though. Me, my father and mother, our christian neighbour, a local school headmaster and his teacher wife. Another family was of our family friend and village milk supplier (he used to get irritated if we call him doodhwala 🙂 his newly wedded wife and old father and mother. (Both totally orthodox).The coconut trees around my house

As we moved out of the house to see the sky. I was shivering due to clod and was holding my fathers hand tightly. I still remember I was wearing a red color sweater and a monkey cap. I was th only kid in the group and I had all the fear that a 5 year old kid can have. Fear of ghosts and all.

In my village moving out of house at that time was no less than an adventure. We walked a few kilometers to reach on a plateu behind our house crossing the national highway so that we can get a better view of the sky. Along one horizon was the Arebian sea looking very calm at that morning. On the other horizon was the Strong Sahyaadri standing for I dont know how many years.

As the discussion went on people started talking about ghosts and demons. The old doodhwala told us the stories of ghosts he had seen. Me was getting more and more scared but was fully interested in knowing there experiences. The newly wedded couple seemed to be in their own world but more than aware of their father/mother in laws.

The headmaster along with his wife started narrating his experiences with night. It seems he was traveling from a remote village in Karnataka back to Goa on his bike. He was alone. On a way he saw a truck went down the hillside. Curious about this accident at around midnight he stopped to have a detailed look. Apparently the truck had broken down and the driver had gone underneath to repair it. Unfortunately he forgot to put stone stoppers under the tire and hence the truck had ran over him. The headmaster was very proud today to tell how courageous he was. Me was sweating badly even in that ultra low temperature.

My father pointed to the ‘ShukraTara’ (star venus) in the sky. That star was increasing the beauty of sky just the like a black beauty spot on a girls face. I started remembering the shukra tara mand vara…

I really don’t remember whether we saw any ‘Ulka’ at that night. Yes we did though not thousands but some 10 and 15 a minute. But more than that I remember the ‘Vande Mataram…‘ on my neighbors radio that he carried there. We were all sitting in silence looking at the sky. The words on radio broke the silence. ‘Yeh vividbharati hai….’

Today while breaking my head on Ruby On Rails (frankly it doesnt need any head, its so simple) and working on PHP JAVA at nights. While freakign out at INOX and miramar. Watching late night movies and listening to songs on my iPod prehaps, I feel a void in my life. Yes all these things give me lot of pleasure. Work never seems like work to me and I seem to see joy in every difficulty I get. But still somewhere in my heart there is something that I am still searching. I heard the following marathi song from Kusumagraaj on FM and felt that perhaps this is the state of my heart

“Pari navalakh talapati dive vijeche yeth, Tarakadale janu utaraly nagarat

Pun athavate an vyaakul karate tevhaa ti maajgharatil man divyaachi vaat”

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