The bridge on the River Mandovi

If you have seen the movie ‘The bridge on the River Kwai’ you will understand that the bridge is not only a giant structure but its lot more than that. it signifies the virtues of human race to overcome all the odds and survive in this world. Its about perseverance and hardship. Its about dreaming and realizing that dream. Bridges thus are not only structural monuments but also symbols of our perseverance.

When something wrong happens in life the advice that comes to us is “Get over it”. When we come across a river in our path we build a bridge an d”get over it”.

River Mandovi is the river very close to me (Panaji Goa India). Often I look at the two parallel bridges over it, always flooded with the undisciplined traffic flowing on it. On one side we have the Panaji city and on the other side we have Porvorim. The Assembly house of the sate in Porvorim stands like a crown on one hill near the bridge.

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