Lets do the talking

Languages are many. But there is one language that is common across the whole world. But very few people understand it and those who do certainly enjoy lot many things other just cant imagine.

Have you ever seen any classical indian dance? If u have and if you have understood u must have certainly notice how nicely through her facial and hand expressions the Nartikaa expresses her anger, her love and her wait towards her lover. if she is portraying Radha in typical Raslilla scenario her eyes wander to search krishna, when she sees him she blushes her cheeks become red and eyes have a hesitant glow. If she is portraying durga her eyes emit fire that becomes unbearable, the angle of her finger suggest a gesture that creates fear in the enemies mind. Thats the power of secret sign language across the world.

The people who know it best are the people in love. If you like her you like to stare at her especially when she is busy rolling finger in her hair and pulling backwards the hair that come on her face. If she too gives you a stare while doing that, it causes a turmoil in your hear. You dont have to ask her to wait after the college gets over, she is there waiting for you. You dont have to tell her that you like her and all nor you have to wait for the valentines day. Its conveyed before opening your mouth (to speak of course).

Life is not a fairy Tale. If she doesn’t like you she will never look into your eyes. And even if she does that will convey you that she detests you. Only the masters of the art can covert that look into blushing cheeks and radiant eyes some day. Those are few.

An old sanskrit saying say that there are 6 non verbal ways of saying NO. By keeping quite, delaying the answer, looking down, changing the topic, looking somewhere else i forgot the 6th one.

once you are neck deep in love this language of eyes changes. When he come late her eyes tell him that she is angry, dmn angry. It says something like this “Why have you come now? get lost, i am going with my friends”. Then his eyes start manofying her and she melts. No one understands why she is changing her mind again and again. just now she told she is coming with us and now she is saying she is not coming? what happened?

But again the masters of the game read the whole conversation and smile in cheeks 🙂

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