Thank God! I was Born in 1986, Part I

Tare Zameen Par is in Air and i cant resist myself taking on the same topic as usual. This time its my neighbor whose kid in 10th std. The pain and suffering that he is apparently going through makes me feel that I am was fortunate to be born in 1986.

I remember my 10th std examinations. I knew I was intelligent and I knew i would pas with good marks. every evening I went to play cricket and never touched books. My parents did force me to things such as “you should come in board list” etc etc but I cared a damn. I am happy for that. I didnt go for any tuitions nor I ever read any of my notebooks. Result??? I got just 80.00% with very poor marks in english and very good marks in science.

My parents, my family teachers and relatives were greatly disappointed with my performance. Then there were speculations that I will have trouble getting admissions in Good college in the city like Margao. Everybody was tensed except me. I knew that the government college in canacona will welcome me 🙂 They will be more than humble to give a 80% guy admission in their institute.

I managed. But I am afraid that today things have become worse. People taking admission for first standard have to go through interview. Not just the student but even parents. I dont understand the rational behind this. Fine you want bright brains in your school but what about the average student? Doesn’t he deserve education? Why should he go to some far off college only because he missed a few marks in his previous exam?

In my perspective schools and education have no relation. Schools are just expected to create some steriotyped human beings that can be consumed somewhere else. Schools are least bothered in creating character, responsibility and flair for knowledge. What they want to produce is smart (read as wearing tie and shoes) mark getter little human beings. i suspect that the cut throat competition is killing the innovativeness, creativity and innocence of those little minds.

Little Nina when returned to her baby siting she was disappointed. She was smart I knew. The reason for her disappointment was that she had got a big ZERO in her dictation test. For a first standard kid dictation was of some basic words on a notebook of double lines. The teacher had given them strict rules that the word should touch the above line and lover line as well its width should be this much and that much etc etc. Even though Nina wrote all words with correct spellings she got a zero because she did not follow teacher’s sacrosanct rules of neat writing. It was a big blow to her confidence that she can write. The teacher because fo her ignorance and arrogance had hurt a kids learning abilities and willingness.

I took her notebook and I drew eyes to the zero she had got. Then I drew hair, nose etc etc. She smiled. Below the zero the teachers signature was there so I said “Look its your teachers face” She and her friends started laughing. I dont know if I was correct in doing that but i wanted to see smile on her face.

Mathematics or English they have a beauty of their own. Teaching involves exploring this beauty along with the students. It should be a journey where the students should get astonished and surprised with human achievements in those fields. When I was in 5th standard I came across Jayant naralikar’s science fiction. It was about two kids who hate science and they never understand concepts such as relative speed, speed of light etc etc they accidentally reach a planet where speed of light , sound is different. Then they realise importance all those concepts.

Because of that book, I understood concepts of speed of light, lightyears, relative speed , center of gravity etc etc. My father nicely explained me things that were difficult for me to understand like center of gravity. He created a doll for me to explain me the concept. I learned so much about those concepts which i don’t think any tuition teach could have taught me any day.

I am sure most of the students today miss that kind of education. They learn about center gravity because a 2 mark question is expected on it. They mug up speed of light because its required to solve a 5 marks numerical.

I think we are killing a tradition that we Indians have in our blood. Its the tradition of contemplations, thoughtfulness, logic and imagination. Do you remember any teacher in your life who had tears in his eyes while explaining a poem or chapter to you? Did any of your math teachers told you life story of Ramanujam even if it was not their in syllabus? If no i am afraid you never got a good teacher in your life. 😦

2 thoughts on “Thank God! I was Born in 1986, Part I

  1. i belive u got 86%?
    please count the hours and the concentration u put in….
    i belive u work harder than anybody else….
    dont gimme crap that u never studied
    and please dont publish this comment

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