An open letter to professor

Disclaimer: This letter is written by a imaginary student to an imaginary professor. The views expressed here are not even the views of the author.

Respected Sir,

I had to think twice before writing respected in the salutation. I wish I could do it with pleasure, nevertheless my parents have taught me to respect elders and teacher hence I wrote that word.

I entered your reputed college not because I had real interest in Infortmation Technology. I entered your reputed insitution because I was not getting admission any where else. But then I had a hope that I will do good and become an engineer one day. Was it really my fault that I aspired for something I was not naturally talented for?

You blamed me and my friends for not writing any programs. You blamed us for our incompetence, you blamed us for our dumbness. You and your colleagues did every possible thing to pose hurdles between me and engineering degree. Despite of that I became and engineer.

When we see a handicapped person participating in a Marathon we see all news channels appreciating him, he may not win but for him thats an achievement. Same was the case with me and my fellow students. What I fail to understand is that why we never got a single word of encouragement from you and your eminent academicians.

You said we dont write programs but I dont remember a single day you sat on a PC and wrote a program. The most feared lady in your department didn’t like us roaming here and there during free lectures but then none of you ensured that we will have proper number of lecturers to keep us engaged.

You told us stories that happened with yourself and later we read in some magazines that those had actually happened with some eminent personalities in past. On top of that you spoke about integrity of character and ethics.

You expected us to be efficient but your own beaurocracy in college was far from being efficient. Despite of our honest attempts you and your colleagues got sadistic pleasure in giving us less marks for no reason. In your struggle for power you people conspired among yourself killing the interests of the students.

You had a big mouth. I must say you have got a gifted tongue. I wish god had blessed you with a heart and brain to follow that tongue. People initially got carried away with that but then to see you as just another wicked prof in our department was a real disappointment.

You were highly discriminative in your behavior for no logical reason. No one was willing to take the elective you were teaching suggests that. I dont remember a single good thing you did to improve quality of education in our department. You and those old profs. lived in a world which was perhaps 10 years older.

I think you are not just a person. You represent that dangerous attitude of entire government organization where honesty is not appreciated but only fact on paper are revered. I think the way street dogs are strelied even the people with such attitude should be strelied so that it doesnt spread much.

We are happy that despite your and the most feared lady’s dadagiri we people resisted and fought to the maximum extent possible. You might think that it was your victory and you might have earned a few bucks here and there. You will call it discipline and rule of law. We call it lack of credibility and character.

It was a good experience though meeting a characterless moron like you and others. May be the world is full of people like you that will make us tread carefully in our rest of life.

I dont say I am a genius or something but one thing I know is that whatever I do in my life, I will do it with full dedication and honesty with a compassion for all those who are concerned with my work.

You and your fellow colleagues played cheap politics and corrupt practices to cause the doom of the college. You were smart enough to even obtain 65th rank in all over the India and then you pat your own back. But don’t give us the crap that we should be very proud of what you people gave us and help our institution in future financially or by any other means.

Do all th drama and then pat your own back but make sure that you never cross our way again in your life. You will get only a middle finger nothing else


On of the last benchers

One thought on “An open letter to professor

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