Tare Zameen Par: My Review

Whenever I (people of my age group) go to multiplex, I have  a hope in my mind that a beautiful girl will come and sit next to me (good if she is not accompanied by her bf). If that is what you want to happen then Tare Zamin par is the movie you should go to watch. Dont forget to carry a hanky (clean if possible) because who knows she might keep her head on your shoulder crying after watching those emotional scenes.

Finally even I went to watch Tare Zamin Par which can well be described as the best film of the year 2007. Until today even the veterans found it difficult to make a film that was a commercial film and also gave a social message. TZP has successfully blended both. While you often come across marketing gimmicks like “Chal hath pav dhoker aa mein tuze Detol Lagati hoon” Or when Ishan Avasthi is gifted some colors the focus is put for a long time on the brand of the colors which happens to be “Acron”.

The main protagonist of the story is Ishan Avasthi a little kid suffering from Dyslexia.  It is a kind of neurological disease where in a child finds it difficult to understand and process patterns and relationships between them. No one understands this kid nor his liking towards painting. His father thinks that he is just lazy.

I dont think that the film is about any disease. But the film is more about our education system and the relationship between a child and parents. How easily we forget that the main aim of education is to enable a human being to think properly. We often use education as a medium to make money in future. The competitive world as we call it, we kill our kid’s natural talent and interests.

The movie shows this very beautifully. Imagine a 8 year old kid unable to compete with any of his peers in any field is put in a boarding and let to fight his own problems. His weak shoulders are not strong enough to carry that much pressure. Fortunately Ishaan gets Ram Nikumbh but what about similar Ishans studying all over the nation?

Are our teachers given proper training regarding child psychology?  Do our education system really looks seriously at Art and Sports? Is there any respectable place in our society for those people who think different? We often wonder why our nation cant give world class scientists to the world. Yes! we do have people working In NASA , medicine , Software industries etc etc. But only as servants doing a job they are told to do. None of the Indians are writing pages of history on their own. Because of out of the box thinking is only rediculed in our country.

I am not writing more about the movie because many have already written about it. What I noticed was that a strong script which always forms the base of any good movie.  Secondly Amir’s direction is worth taking a note. The way he tells the story is excellent. As far his acting is concerned I felt he showed his emotions a bit more than what was needed. But as a director i will give him full marks. He has chosen nice locations and very clean cinematography. Excellent shots and camera work is just too good.

Dialogs and lyrics are also very strong points of the film. When Amir asks students to draw anything they would wish t, the students say that he has not kept anything on table, how will they draw. Amir replies “Yeh table? Yeh table to bohot chota hai mere dost, tumhare khayaloka boz ye utha bhi nahi payega”

4 thoughts on “Tare Zameen Par: My Review

  1. yep…i remember reading about Dyslexia in readers digest…kids suffering from Dyslexia generally are very good in creative thinking….
    and they need special teachers…..
    there are Dyslexia centers in many places in India now…..

    I had read about a grown up man who couldnt get his nos properly…..but was one of the whos who in advertising…

  2. improving spellings…i believe is in ur hands….
    when in doubt dont use that word….
    and when someone tells u remember it

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