Cricket! Time to pay back.

Here are two extracts from former Australian player Justin Langer’s Rediff diary from 2001.

Extract 1:

At the toss of the coin, VVS Laxman (captian of India A) won the toss but rather than deciding to bat or bowl he politely asked Steve Waugh what he would like to do first. Without hesitation, ‘Tugga’ said he would like to bat first and they shook hands and walked away.

This above was the behavior they “expected” from Indians.

Now, read this.

Extract 2:

Listening to the great importance the Indian people place upon respecting their elders and people in authority, I was quite surprised to see the reaction of the young India ‘A’ leg spinner when he dismissed Steve Waugh today. His performance was perplexing, as one would have thought the captain of the Australian cricket team would command a little more respect than he was granted.

Now its time to show ZERO tolerance to Australian abuse.

3 thoughts on “Cricket! Time to pay back.

  1. wrong articles under wrong headings???? example?
    Also SMS thing does work. the SMS will come to me not u. and I have to spend Rs 3 to read it so i dont bother

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