Tata’s Small Car! A bike with 4 wheels?

If you are wondering why we have poor roads in India despite the government claims to care so much about the ‘aam Adami’ here is the answer. The aam adami doesnt travel by Cars he often travels by his feet. For long distance he uses state transport buses which on any road can not give any sense of comfort. So no point is having great roads.

But now government may not use this kind of argument. Because Ratan Tata is coming up with his dream project ‘One Lakh Rupee Car’.  Question is how can you make a Car so cheap? Is it going to be a Scooter with roof and 4 wheels????

Hey but where will we ride this Car? Will it replace auto Rickshaws?  So many questions that will be answered only on the arrival of this product.

In India we dont look at value but price.  Since we cant deliver value we reduce the price. Consider the example of our telecoms operators. No matter which service provider you belong to I am sure n number of times you must have felt cheated. Remeber your Cable operator? When was the last time you saw all the channels with perfect clarity? And then they claim that they are very cheap. Indeed they are, but they are not even maintaining the basic standard of quality.

I hope that TATA’s car wont walk the same most traveled path.

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