Getting more hits for your Blog.

Finally my blog appeared on google. 🙂 Now the search for word ‘akshar’ displays my blog on the first page itself. I never knew that it was so tough to get google or msn live point to my blog.

Actually I never paid attention to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Here are some things that I did to improve visibility of my blog. Not just SEO.

1. Blog regularly: Unless you blog regularly, people wont find your blog interesting. Also Search engine bots check for updates to your site and accordingly re evaluate you rank.

2. Put appropriate Titles: Make sure your title bar is appropriate. Before it was ‘Akshar ‘Uvach’ ‘ for my site. Whenever I  searched Akshar Uvach in Google my site was the first to get displayed. However since I have changed it to Akshar prabhu desai’s blog mere search for akshar returns my site on the first page. This is because google not only searches for keyword but also takes into consideration the context in which it appears on the title.

3. Get yourself cross linked. Ask all your blogging friends to put your link on their blog roll. This is because search engine bots whenever will across your site link on other sites will improve your rank. Also try to put the link of your blog wherever possible but in proper context. If your blog is technical you can provide it’s link on all technical forums you visit.

4.Comment on other people’s blog: Regularly read other people’s blog. Only then you can expect others to read your blog. Whenever you comment do not forget to mention link to your blog.

5. Post quality content: The only reason someone will read your blog is because he will find it interesting. If you are writing it for the world do not be very specific in terms of places, names etc. If you target a specific group readership e.g. your college mates or all goans make sure that your are more specific.

6. Get yourself on wikipedia: Be a member of Wikipedia,Wikivarsity mention your blog link on your talk page (Please do not vandalize these beauties, they are boon to society). If you have blogged on a topic with extensive researc (thats very important) you can mention it in the reference of corresponding topic in Wikipedia. That gets almost 10 to 20 hits per week depending on what the topic is.

7 . Be Honest: Whenever promoting your blog make sure that you are honest wherever you type about your blog. DO not try to fool people and get them on your site. Its better to have one or two good readers than thousand trespassers.

8. If you want a particular keyword to point your site when searched in google or MSN live make sure you type it as often as possible on your site. Make static pages that will contain that word in proper context and in English language.

5 thoughts on “Getting more hits for your Blog.

  1. brilliant comments, i have been doing seo work for over ten years and you sunned up the basics to search engine optinisation very well in such a short blog. great keep it up!

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