My dreadful poems

I am a self proclaimed philosopher,poet,artist,educationalist,social activist, wonnaa be politician, wonna be entrepreneur (the irony is that I never get the spelling of this word right. I have to use spellcheck),film critic,actor etc etc. Hey I cant forget another quality, thats a programmer. Except this last quality none of my friends would agree that I posses the other mentioned qualities.Out of all those the one quality that everybody is scared of; yes you guessed it right! Its my poetry. I discovered the poet inside me since she arrived in my college as a fresher when I was in second year. Till to date I never managed to even speak to her but she fueled enough to my poetry. My poetry usually involved translation of popular hindi film songs to english, english poems to hindi shayari and marathi to hindi and vice versa. I relied more on the ignorance of my readers. just search ‘rediff akshar poetry’ in google to get the gigantic list of my poetry. I also received many comments which pampered me like anything.

Never mind! Whenever I get more discouragement from others I prepared myself for a still bigger venture. My disregard for the advise “you cant do it” has always helped me to overcome my largest fears. Poetry is another field. I have been a terrible blogger. My spelling mistakes made people laugh and get angry. Even today I don’t know the spellings of some common English words. My grammar (believe me I dotn know the spelling of grammar as well I use spellcheck) resembles more to sanskrit than English 🙂 Look at some of the comments I got when i use to write poetry on Rediff.

kaddy @ 12:15 pm | Mar 24th 2005
Yaar english nahi hindi try kar…. mera blog pad… tujhe aachi poem likhne ki shiksha milegi

Manan V @ 4:24 am | Mar 24th 2005
bekaar funde tere yaar !! bas kar !! aage koshish bhi mat karna !!

jaan @ 5:46 am | Apr 1st 2005
aji hamne kiya gaur aapki baaton par. Ab to aapki har ada par pyar aata hai. ankhein hi nahin dil mein bhi tera hi naam samata hai.

Abhiraj @1:13 am | Apr 1st 2005
Total nonsense. Rashmi is going mad after Akshar. Akshar’s IQ is equal to Hritik roshan in Koi Mil Gayaa

I am your fan @ 06:44 pm | Apr 1st 2005
Whah!Yaar!Waah!Kya super likhtha hai yaar thu?Ekdum bole tho superduper!And Abhiraj, can you ever write a poetry like that?Can you..Can you can you can you!?

3 thoughts on “My dreadful poems

  1. well, I dont remember posting any comments on any of your rediff blogs. You have more fans??????

  2. Well Akshar, when are u posting any of those dreadful poems on your blog?
    I am very eager to read em 😉

  3. ummide agar saath ho to aasman bhi door nahi ….

    ek har se toot mat jana tumhare paas hai puri jindagi…..

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