Steve Bucknor of Goa. Aka Shakuni Mama of Goa

spt4-a.jpgIf you think cricket is the only game where umpires go out of their way to make a team loose or win I think you haven’t read newspapers recently. Goa-ki Giri huee government firse gir gayi kyaa? Asked me a friend on Gtalk.

Apparently the government had fallen not for the first time but like innumerable times before. And the way Bucknor supported Australia in cricket, Mr Jamir the governor of Goa was as prompt as Porter on the railway station to come to the rescue of his parent party’s government. Without any notice to any one he suspened the assembly house session for the day (it can be the whole sssion as well) without citing any reason.

The assembly house is not a circus, I beg your pardon. It is a circus now! but constitutionally it is not meant to be a circus01_010904.jpg. But like in all other legal cases since the constitution doesn’t explicitly mention that assembly can not be converted into circus (sometimes I wonder if the constitution mentions anything explicitly, apparently all decision taken are based on the implied meaning, I think it was written by taking inspiration from the Ramayana and Mahabharata where the text says something but the it’s implied meaning is well beyond common man’s perception) I think His Highness thought that he can make one of it.

When the nation was moaning Tsunami’s disaster this man danced in a party with his wife. He gave just three days to Parrikar to prove his majority but more than a week to Mr. Rane(Sr.).

Panjim 2nd Feb, 2005. At 5.40 p.m. vote of confidence was won by the BJP government which had apparently been rendered into minority after the resignation of four MLAs. Yet, in a more than prompt response, the Congress governor dismissed the BJP government at 6.10 p.m. without even hearing out both the sides and a new Congress government was hastily sworn in at 11.30 in the night. Under the Indian Constitution and also as per the established norms of democracy, the Governor has no powers to annul the ruling of the Speaker and judiciary is the sole forum before which an appeal can be made against the Speaker’s ruling. But an outrageous assault on the Constitution was committed and democracy was murdered.”

I think for the first time in History the sworning in of the chief minister happened at midnight. As convention midnight is the time reserved for thieves and ghosts. Ministers have already replaced thieves in daytime, at least night should be kept for them.

I am not concerned about the government falling or saving itself. I am concerned about the trends that Mr. Jamir is setting. Governor is supposed to be like an elderly figure who will always be there to sort out issues between the opposing parties. Someone like Bhishma Pitamaha. At least he shouldn’t behave like a Shakuni Mama. He was posted in Goa by removing earlier governor (in an insulting way). He showed his intentions pretty well. Besides his uncooperative behavior he extravagantly spent the public funds.

Assembly is a house of public representatives. It has a honor that can not be insulted. Power comes with responsibility. Transparency in governance can not be assured through rules but through strength of character. He perhaps only tried to listen to his master’s (or madams) voice (does this phrase remind u of something?) .

This is not the first time the congress is making similar mistakes. In their whole history person has always come before constitution or ideology. See this

In the year 1938 Subhas Chandra Bose was unanimously elected President of the Congress and re-elected the following year. But owing to his differences with Mahatma Gandhi he was made to resign his Presidency in April 1939. The democratically elected leadership of the party budged under the pressure of a powerful lobby within the party and democracy was murdered.

Then we all know the history of Indira Gandhi and her emergency to save her chair. Perfect example how misplaced egoism can take the whole nation at ransom even in democracy.

When she died (or murdered by a Sikh) riots broke out on the streets of Delhi killing 2000+ sikh (number of people died in Gujrath were less than 1000). The secular Rajiv Gadhi leading the secular party after his mother officially made a statement “When big tree’s fall they shake the Earth”. If ‘Maut Ka Saudagar” phrase was written by a bollywood script writer for Sonia Gandhi , the media should have found who wrote that poetic phrase for Rajiv Gandhi.

It will interesting to see to what level His Highness can go. Still deeper? Can he go below this?

Note: The two paragraphs appearing in different font were taken from written by Shachi Rairikar. His permission is awaited.

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