10 things I dont like in women

I am writing this because i was made a part of a chain blog  by Tejasee
Though the title says ‘women’ I will make it ‘girls’. I am not yet so familiar with women. I know very few girls though. saying ‘I know’ them is certainly an overstatement. No one can ‘know’ girls. The best way is never try to understand them.


  1. The first point is not really mine but it is from Shakespeare. “Jealousy thy name is woman” I hate that quality in human beings in general. But I have come to a conclusion that all woman (I say all no exceptions) get jealous so soon. Just admire some other girl’s qualities and you can feel that some thing is burning somewhere.

  2. The stupid irritating questions. Read the following conversation.
    Man: Hi ! Me was just waiting for your call!
    Woman: Oh really so sweet! Why but?
    Man: (confused don’t know what to say in fact he dint even remembered her, now to support on lie he has to produce more, he chooses a better option)Hey me was having lunch I will call you in 5 minutes.
    Woman: Lunch? At this time? Its 2 o clock Why so Late?
    Man: (Oh! God cant she just keep the phone?) Well, my mom is not at home so I bought Chicken from royal foods.
    Woman: Where did your mom go? And chicken? Its Monday na? You eat chicken on Monday?
    Man: Helllooooo! Helloowww I can’t hear you. I think I don’t have proper range.

  3. Need of admiration. The books say that the woman is always in need of admiration. You need to keep on telling her that she is good. She is beautiful (if u have that kind of relationship with her) and more than all she is better than all her peers. In fact she wont feel good unless you tell her how bad are other girls around her. Saying “You are too good ya” is not enough you need to go in detail and fully convince her that you really mean those words. For that you have to be a very good actor because, in your heart you know that “she is just another girl”.

  4. Presumptions about man. Some girls have some prejudice about all man. If you just smile at her or say hi to her or try to know her better. She will assume that “this guy is after me” , “he is emotionally involved in me “ not that she is really bothered about it but will waste no opportunity to tell her friends in secret that so and so guy is after me. You go near them to tell something and the first thing they do is to make sure that their duppataa is in proper place. That’s understandable considering the kind of world we have around but do I look like one of those???

  5. Gossips! A total turn off for any sensible man. Men never gossip they only share information and use them judiciously for their own purpose. Girls are bothered about everything that’s happening in their friend’s life and their friend’s friend’s life.

  6. Hate for my favorite JagjitSingh and Galib. Not that they love Hard Rock but never a miss and opportunity to say that sher-o-shayari (the only good one they hear is by Johny Liver in some crappy English movie) is bakwaas and Jagjitji makes them feel sleepy.

  7. Lack of Diplomatic attitude. Never fail to show their and hate and disappointment openly. They even spoil well set scene because of this attitude. But on other hand you will find some exceptions who will be repulsively diplomatic.

  8. When was the last time you read a news paper? Ask a girl and she will never say today!

  9. Bad knowledge of economics and philosophy. There are some respectable few exceptions to this but then exceptions make the rule. Never talk to them about appreciation of rupee, rise and fall of stock market, intricacies of Gita or the political system. Forget and argument, they will be as clueless as a penguin in dessert.

  10. They love those daily soaps. I am sure almost all men will agree to me on this point. Lot has been written and hauled over this particular point so I don’t elaborate.


7 thoughts on “10 things I dont like in women

  1. there is a shloka in sanskrit

    yatra nariyasyate pujatam….ramate tatra devtah…..

    it means……jithe narichi puja hote tethe deacha vas asto……

    i dont agree with you on the metioned 10 pts….except some few…….

    well m a fan of jagjit…..with each n every word of lyrics wihtout foregoing any

    loving daily soap is not a crime…..atleast boys ki tarah hamari choice bar bar nahi badalti,,,,,it shows we are loyal….n honest……

    about the second point…stupid irritating questions….boys start with stupid conversation eg.Hi ! Me was just waiting for your call!
    there is not at all a need of saying this sentence actually……instead start the coverssation directly…hi hello…how are u??? etc etc.
    obvously girl will ask “y?”

    regarding 3rd point admiration….well woman is another name for beauty…..n a beauty is joy forever…..

    gossips n jealousy are normal human traits…..if boys dont gossip n dont feel jealous….i think they are not normal .

    about the fourth point presumptions about man….
    being human being……same problem is with boys also

  2. hmm.. These point were not meant to offend any one nor I expect any defense from anyone. I am not suggesting that these 10 point are pointing to what may be described as negative traits but rather I implied that these are the main points guys hate the most.

  3. i do agree with you that your point didnt mean to offned anyone…nor u expect any kind of defense….

    m not saying ur points are describing negative traits….nor m trying to defend……

    as u said these are the main points guys hate the most……so it was an effort to tell you that….as boys hate this qualities of girls….so even girls……

    waht u hv described above are general human characteristics,,,those are found in men as well as women…..men cant be exception for that…….

  4. Did you forget eating habits?.. They rarely join you when you want to have that indulgent dish on the street!. They prefer empty stomach and better figure, unlike us. 🙂

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