What happned to radha?

Mahabharat, Ramayan and other epics have been a great influence on Indian society for centuries or perhaps thousands of years.

There is something weird about India. We have plenty of old retired people constantly lamenting as how the youth of this country is spoiled. We have lessons in matters of love but the society frowns upon the display of love or the love itself. We sing the bhajans of Radha and Mira and yet sometimes kill our daughter for choosing a boy of her choice.

I wont comment on other religions but it hurts when I hear that being in love with someone is against the Hindu Culture. The self proclaimed guardians of culture roam around intimidating young couples and setting moral standards for the public.

Why do these things came in my mind ? Because I came across a article on Eklavyaa and his life after his thumb was cut.  He supported Pandavas in the war but was later killed by Shri Krishna in some battle. I am not more influenced by any other character than that of Shri Krishna. The roles he played we so different and apparently had intentions that we learn only later.

One role that is more prominent in Indian Art was that of a “Lover”. He loved Radha. We have marvellous songs like ‘Madhuban mein radhika nache re’ to ‘Bajav bajav teri muraliya oh kanha’. There are wall paintings, murals, temples, saree designs and what not influence by the love of Radha-Krishna.

Radha is nowhere present in the original text of Mahabharata. Some ‘Saviours of Culture’ feel bad(!) about Krishna’s love at that time and claim that no Radha ever existed but was just some local poet’s imagination.  It is something that they see as a blot on his life, an aberration.

Nepolian when attacked france told his soldiers “One Night in Paris will compensate for the all Horors of the battle your are going to face”. It may not be appropriate to quote this line here but my point is “Courage and strength goes well only with love of a woman”. No man can be complete without a feminine component in his life.

Gopis in Mathura were in love with the strong and intelligent Kanhaa. His bravery as well as charming nature is what they loved. Besides his makhanchor image he also had an image of an eve-teaser. Socially the makhanchor image had a meaning. All the milk based products in mathura were consumed by Kansa’s people so the kids were malnourished. Besides Krishna wanted to build an army of strong man.  One way these games that he played brought in new episode in the Bhagvad Purana. Who wont fall in love with krishna the Go-palak. He took care of animals, he played with fellow Gop, his handicapped friend ‘Pendyaa’, flirted with the young women and acted as a protector when needed. Krishna formed a brotherhood that connected all these people.

[Krishna’s achievement are important because Krishna belonged to a community Ahira which was otherwise not considered on par with rest of the mainstream Hindu communities of those time. In fact it is said that Ahira people were considered Mlecchas and yet rest of the communities had to keep contact with them because they had a near monopoly in breeding high quality cattle and horses.]

He roamed freely with the Gopis in the Kunjavan. Taught them to love. Imagine a society based on labor. Krishna showed them a new way. If you notice the folksongs you understand the intimacy and intricacy in the Radha-Krishna’s love. The way she gets jealous when he talks to other Gopis (Remember the song from Lagaan?) . She is proud of her fairness and teases him because he is dark (Radha kyon gori mein kyun kalaa). In their adolescent exploration of love they even crossdress. All we see there is unconditional love and poetic intimacy. It is not the intimacy portrayed by soem great rishi but your average local smartypant poet. It is different from the heavy text of Mahabhrata.

But what happened to Radha after Krishna left Mathura?? When he married 16k women hostages of Narakasura why couldn’t he give a honourable place to Radha? Shri Krishna had 8 special wives (called AstaNayika in Sankrit literature) why there is no mention of Radha? Vyaas did not mention Radha in Mahabharat; was there any special reason for her exclusion?

When the Gopis go to Dwarka to meet Krishna, Akroor (krshna’ political adviser and a warrior) convinces them back to mathura. He tells them the message Krishna has for them. This message elaborated in detail about Brahma, Akshar-Satyaa etc etc. To go in detail it is actually the same Gita that Krisha tells arjuna in future. But this message is known as Akroor-Gita in oriental philosophy.

Radha might not have got the place alongside Rukmini and Satyabhama but she was more than immortalised by the ordinary people. Radha-Krishna temples dot the landscape of India. Their stories and songs continue to appear in modern day bollywood. Radha continues to be associated with the concept of unconditional love even today.

There are three stories as what happened to Radha.  

Story one:

She married Krishna Secretly to Krishna in Vrindavan Forest.  Though she dint see Krishna later in her life again she remained aunmarried.

Story two:

She married abhimanyu son of Jatila a Yadav. What forced her to marry him remains unexplained.

Story three:

She married to a god fearing person called Chandrasena.

Whatever it may be but Krishna’s romance with her gave a new aspect to whole Indian art and music and our notions of love and romance.


EDIT: I have edited this post to do some basic spell/grammar check. I had written this several years ago when my understanding of english was limited.

Reflecting back on this article today; I feel that the culture often has two parallel currents. One that is patronised by kings and enjoyed by intellectuals such as Ramayan Mahabhrat, second is the one patronised by ordinary people. There were singers like Tansen but only the King and ministers could enjoy his singing. The folksingers on other hand entertained the masses. Their names might be forgotten but their words are likely to have outlived that of Tansen.

In modern times these currents are mixing together as technology makes it possible for rich and poor enjoy the same kind of art and culture. Except for things like Win and Paintings only few things remain truly elitist where as theatre, literature, movies, tv and everything else now caters to all people instead of few.

Story of Radha-Krishna is likely to be of people’s story. Like a wikipedia article it was modified by many over time telling us more about the people’s notion of love than anything else.

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  1. vyasa didnt mention about radha in mahabharata….coz mahabharata is all about pandavas n kauravas…….
    krishna was in picture just because of pandavas……

    i do agree with you that there is no mention of radha……

    but wat i think is….radha never neds any special mention about her…..coz whenever we remeber krishna radha automatically comes in our minds……..

    when we say ram…..we start thinking about sita automatically…….so when we say krishna radha comes into picture automatically……n not ruknimi n satyabhama…….

    well good article yar………..

    one more story about radha is that….she married to someone called “ANAY” how far its true…radha only knows…….

    you are right…some of the important aspects of krishna’s life are removed from the history by some people……….

  2. But I think Radha deserved a place certainly in Mahabharat!
    Mahabharat has significant elaborations on Krishna’s life. In fact as much as bhagavat puran. Yes, his childhood and adolescence has not been covered much but still…

  3. if vyasa describes about radha in mahabharata…..so he has to even mention about rukmini satyabhama n all right from devki n vasudev…here comes entire story of krishna…
    whereas mahabharata is all about P n K

    actually “ras leela” is a different module…where they have shown the blossoming love of radha n krishna…..n in ras leela…there is mention of, radha n krishna only….i mean main focus is on them…..no such stories about romance of rukmini n krishna are formed…..

  4. Mahabhrata has elaborated a lot over AstaNayika. It also has complete mention of Vasudeva kans etc etc however these stories often come as flash back or sub-plots.

    I feel is Vyaas had mentioned her she would have got more honor from society. The kind of relationship she has with krishna I dont think such a relationship has any respect in society not matter how much pure love is in it.

  5. These are very probable conclusions to what happend to radha. However I feel you fail to realise that “Hinduism” is an oral religion and that puranas and vedas were composed thousands of years post the actual events. So Maybe the ending of Radha-Rani will remain a mystery.

  6. you fool,try to understand the difference between the various stages of shri krishna’s leelas.it’s not just a story of krishna.radha and krishna are one.they are the epitome of true love .the love of krishna,radha and gopis is purely platonic which only proper thoughts can help to understand.

  7. mahabharata is not the part where the lord engages in messages of true love but of the demolishment of evil and there He presumes the role of the perfect guide.

  8. jaisitaram,
    though Bhagavan Veda Vyasa has not mentioned about Radhika in the Bharata, there are indirect references in the Bhagavatamahapurana to Radha. Also the padma purana speaks of Radha and Krishna in detail.

  9. There is a temple called Radharani temple near Barsana in Mathura. They say, Radha kept sitting at that place when Krishna left her, she nvr got up from thr, died and then the temple came in existence.

  10. First of all Hindu Culture is not against ‘Love’. Whoever says so has poor understanding about Hinduism. Love is not necessarily associated with a woman. There is an undrcurrent of lust when someone associates a woman and Love. Coming to Radha-Krishna, it was a ‘raasa leela’. It was never sexual. They related to him in Madhura Bhava. Ditto with Gopis. Krishna was an avatar and he didn’t need a woman to be fulfilled. It is a wrong idea to think that you need another person for fulfillment. One can be fulfilled with oneself, that is what our vedic scriptures say and many great masters like Vivekananda, Paramahamsa Yogananda, Ramana Maharishi are proofs that one can be single and still be blissful and fulfilled. It is just that certain memories are so deeply etched in us (like lust) that we don’t even think that there are other dimensions to life.

  11. I think it is a matter of complete ignorance for sri radha rani ji.
    a detailed research is required to know about what happened to sri radha rani ji

  12. Hinduism is best described by the fours Vedas (Ruk, Sam, Yaju, Athava) and Upanishads. There is so mention of Ramayana and Mahabharath in these documents. Hinduism is a way of life and how to lead a successful life. This is what is the foundation of Hinduism and I truly believe in it.

    What came later (Ramayan, Mahabharath) are all stories that are created by people to generate more interest in Hinduism when western religions such as Islam and Christianism threatened to wipe out Hinduism and Guru Shankaracharya started the idol worship.

    So though I am very curious to know what happened to Radha afterwards, though I go to temple and worship God because thats what my parents taught me, I am not sure how much truth is there in these. All comments are welcome.

  13. I agree with Pradipta fully. There is just one God. And according to my understanding of Vedas ido worshipping is not allowed in Hinduism too. It is also a monotheist religion.

    [Bhagavad Gita 7:20] “Those whose intelligence has been stolen by material desires surrender unto demigods and follow the particular rules and regulations of worship according to their own natures.”

    “na tasya pratima asti
    “There is no image of Him.”
    [Yajurveda 32:3]5

    “shudhama poapvidham”
    “He is bodyless and pure.”
    [Yajurveda 40:8]6

    “Andhatama pravishanti ye asambhuti mupaste”
    “They enter darkness, those who worship the natural elements” (Air, Water, Fire, etc.). “They sink deeper in darkness, those who worship sambhuti.”
    [Yajurveda 40:9]7

    Sambhuti means created things, for example table, chair, idol, etc.

  14. i dont know if it is because of Hinduism being so ancient or something else but there are lot of complication in it due to which other religion (Budhism and Sikhism ) evolved from it which talk about more simpler way to achieve ultimate goal of uniting with God. For simple mind its difficult to understand and follow all aspects of Hinduism and then there are lot of contradictions with in the religion. Possibility might me that the poet and writers used their skill in portraying their own views rather than the truth about the God (this is my view and can be absolutely wrong).I got hinduism as a religion from my parents and do go to temples but am not too sure if this is helping me in any way to understand God and unite with him. I am believer of monotheism and this makes me believe in other religions too. Except Hinduism and Buddhism , most of the religion don’t talk about reincarnation or rebirth and they believe in one life. This again creates confusion. Think how your view about life changes if you feel that there is nothing after this life and everything is in this life only .There is no rebirth etc. These two thoughts of after death creates two different view about life and two different image of God in my mind. So ultimately lot of confusion.

    My post is not adhering with the topic of the form ‘What happned to radha?’ sorry for that. My intention is just to share my confusion and if possible get some clarification from knowledgeable people (judging from the previous posts :)) , sorry if it is hurts someones sentiments.

  15. Dear Abhi,

    Thanks for bringing up the topic any ways. I am may not be the right person to answer your question nonetheless I will try to. Also pardon me for my patronizing tone, I don’t mean it. Instead of directly answering your question point by point I would rather just express my broad views on the topic.

    For me polytheism is the most natural way to worship God if he exists. The monotheist idea of a personal God who has set down rules for us, who is jealous, who keeps punishing his own child for sins as ordinary as trying to imagine him in an idol does not resonate with me. At least such a god can not claim to be “all merciful”. Not to mention the autocracies that these kind of ideologies have inflicted on others.

    If God exists, he is certainly the most of powerful thing and the most merciful as well. He (though he wont have any gender) is omnipotent and omnipresent. All these qualities make him unimaginable for us ordinary human beings. Now if we consider the entire universe, earth is just another particle of dust and we human beings merely ordinary carbon compounds. It is unlikely that such a god will be interested in playing with us. If he can move anything by setting rules he can do the same with our life. I dont think there can exist “a single truth” about the God the way many religions claim.

    Our quest for God is probably trying to understand that mystifying force and power. There is a possibility that such a force does not exist at all. Buddhism assumes that. I dont think any existing religions and theories goes even an inch closer to the understanding of that supreme power, but when it comes to monotheist religions they not only pretend that they know everything they pretend that that is the only way to understand that power. Worse they are limited largely by the imagination of their medieval prophets.

    If you read S. RadhaKrishnan’s magnum opus of principal upanishads , the foreword describes a lot about evolution of Hinduism. Form the ritualistic to merely contemplative, to realizing limitations of contemplation itself, Hinduism has constantly evolved only to realize that there can not be “one single way” to reach there. Hence unlike Christianity Hinduism did not ridicule the tribal way of worshiping animals and trees as devil inspired paganism . Instead these people were taken into the fold of Hinduism by giving respect to their deities.

    Just imagine the all merciful God looking at human beings, sees one tribal worshiping a tree and protecting it at the cost of his life, on the other hand he sees a christian priest with deep devotion for Jesus Christ and all complicated theology including the belief that worshiping trees is symbol of devil worship. Would not that omnipotent God will understand both of them and treat both of them equally ?

    I think Hinduism in the only religion on face of earth which imagines God, in this form. The fact that you are born in a Hindu family that you inherit this natural skepticism toward religion and you are also willing explore on your own. Isnt that a wonderful thing ? If you are a Christian or Muslim such skepticism is punishable by death.

    Before human beings actually learned the truth about Solar system, there were so many scientists who proposed different theories which today we might know as wrong but at that time they were important and we take their names with respect today as well. Scientists were open to to different theories that is why they found out the truth. But the Church which insisted that Sun revolves around the earth was closed to other theories. Fortunately for humanity Church lost to science.

    When we are trying to explain something as complex as concept of God, how can we even think of dogmatically sticking to one set of belied and theory ?

  16. When someone refer’s to a slok to prove a point, that is meaning less as each slok is in a context. For instance when some talks about monotheism in Hinduism. The shlok is not wrong, it is just out of context. hinduism encourages worship of all things natural, tulsi, cow, neem and so many other are a good example.

    In a earlier comment the shlok refers to materialism, and that doesn’t mean worshiping idol is a crime or sin.

    In fact you can be a complete atheist and yet be a Hindu, even a Saint, e.g Charvak.

    While there is no denying that God is all but one. But one: such a powerful entity can take multiple form on a need/case basis.

    two: Pooja/sadhna is a form of meditation, it is also linked to Aurveda (yajna), and yoga. And that’s why process is emphasized in certain pooja’s. Not because God will curse you if you don’t worship him.

    There is a story about Narad (the saint), once he got too proud that he is the most ardent worshiper of the God, So Vishnu told him that you are not, go meet this fellow at some location. this fellow was a farmer who was hardworking and during the course of his day would only remember god only while waking op or going to sleep (that too merely saying ‘oh god’), but because even with his tough life he would remember god and did hid job honestly. god loved him the most. So Pooja is not important for that reason.

    It is important because it helps you concentrate (and idol is a good way to do so) specially for people who are not into it completely.

    And by the way, some one talked about solar system. Here are some facts, in our astrology (which is ancient) we had documented the movement of seven nakshatra. and till this day it is accurate. modern science managed to add just three more planets to this list (sun and moon are included in this seven). Study of earth is bhoogol (round earth) and it is Sanskrit so we knew about earth being round and not flat (Christianity) long before anybody in the west knew about it.

  17. What ever discussed here was happened before thousands of year ! Please find something, which is fit with current scenario !

    One day your kid will ask you a question : Dad why you go to temple ? why you pray man with a elephant head ? do we have any answer ?

    Or we repeat the old story ? Please discuss here about the science behind the murti puja and science behind the construction of temple.

  18. I dont know what do you mean by “science” behind idolatry. As a civilization we have valued many things such as knowledge, sacrifice, wealth and so on and all of these things and the simplest way to ensure that we continue to value it was by giving symbols to them. Thus, Sarasvati became godess of knowledge and we worship her. We did not distance the pagans who worshiped animals and trees but instead we accepted their gods in the larger family of our gods thus everyone tried to live in harmony. Irrespective of what we tell our children, if they have a scientific bend of mind I am sure they will see logic and value in these things.

  19. what happened to radha/ krishna radha/ radha rani?

    There are many probabilities…

    1. Krishna married radha, they lived happily
    or K married R and left her
    R waited for K and moved on
    or died

    2. K didn’t married R and they both drifted away
    K married some one and R married some one
    or K married some one and
    R was single and moved on
    or R was single and died
    3. When K moved to mathur,
    long distance relations didnt worked!
    or R parents forced her to marry some one else
    or K got better options then radha!

    4. radha= rukmini= satyabhama coz some ppl change their name after marriage.

    5. Story teller/ writer wanted to make this
    or wanted to show “sacrifice is the real love”
    or to tell other ppl this is irony of life.
    or convince ppl to move on after you broke up
    or girl/boy dump you.
    or K as love life is more interesting
    than his married life.

    So before commenting on my comments plz realize that we believed what red, what we heard and what we watched on screen. right? and obviously None of you seen R-k or talked with them or listened to them! right?

    I dnt know what written in Geeta, Why Vyaas muni did not mentioned about radha. but what i know is Some thing happened to radha. Bcoz the Q is what happened to Radha?

    So, what happend to Radha?

    My personal guess,

    K loved R in his teenage:
    so we have K leela, R-k songs, they are symbol for pure love.

    K left her for some true reason:
    He managed his love life and long distance relationship for some time. In his 20’s he has plenty of things to do other than love. So his love life weathered.
    so we have R missing K songs or K missing R songs.

    After this we dnt have much details because K moved on and married some one else.

    I think, at 20 girls realize difference between love life and married life. Lucky is one who gets their loved once as life partner. So Radha was not a lucky girl.
    If K was fida on Radha that means R was pretty and beautiful.

    What happened to Radha.

    Radha got married other man.

    “You can’t forget your first LOVE”

  20. Hey guys/gals!

    I found this explanation at this site called http://www.indiadivine.org (or something similar):

    She left the planet in intense separation from Krishna on the banks of the Yamuna. The Sakhis then drowned her body in the Yamuna according to her orders. She then incarnated as Satyabhama devi and was married to Krishna in Dwarika.

    After Krishna left she wandered around as if she were mad. Yes, she embraced trees especially tamal trees (dark colored trees that were the same color as Krishna) thinking them to be Krishna.

    Very sad, very very sad.
    There is a nice song by Narottam das Thakura on this matter. You can hear it by going to the following page: http://kksongs.org/audio/sri_krsna_virohe.mp3

    This is the meaning:
    1) Whenever Radha is suffering in separation from Krsna and I am unable to give any solace, my heart breaks for I am unable to tolerate seeing Her condition so pitiful. Then I am fully prepared to give up my life for the sake of Their happy reunion.

    2) If I were ever to give up the lotus feet of Sri Radhika, I would become totally devastated in an instant. For Her sake, I am prepared to tolerate the pain and the agony of death hundreds of times.

    3) When will I be able to serve such a divine pair of lotus feet as Radha’s? Alas, I beg you all, oh residents of Vraja, please be merciful to me now! When will you take me in the transcendental forests of Vrndavana?

    4) Oh Vilasa Manjari! Oh Ananga Manjari! Oh Rupa Manjari! Please lift me up and bring me close to your own lotus feet, thus bestowing upon me the quintessence of eternal spiritual perfection!

    I don´t know if this helps out the query somewhat, but I thought you all should know about this! So long!

  21. she is power of krishna/like parvati /sita/nanki/fatima/mary/also married to govedhan/was 10 yrs+ elder to krishna/this my childhood in Mathura 1948-1956 and my seeking for over 50 yrs tells me /my guru sh mataji also told of female power emulating from shiva

  22. why we are not serching the love story of radha krishna.we are only serching love story of herr ranjha.anything is imposible so one day i will tell you about that iam just serching.

  23. radha rani is only made for krisna n she was not married any one but at last when krisna was dead the vidur jiwas came to say rdha rani that krisna is dead at movement she laught n say we both are always together n both radhekrisna was present in ther n vidur become happy

  24. Hi,

    Please refine your knowledge with truth. Shri Krishna married only one woman, Rukmani. An Arya man (true Follower of Vedas), can not marry more then one woman (Although, some exceptions of it are in Vedas but these are fully logical. For detailed information, please explore Vedas).

    To know the truth about Shri Krishna, Please follow the link:


    Shri Krishna is considered as Avatar. Avatar, as a material, is a human body used by God to publish some of his unlimited powers to re-establish truthful knowledge among the human beings. Avatar is supposed to teach humans the ideal way of leaving and hence, is worth of much respect. Avatar is a physical expression of Almighty, One, and unseen God.
    And even after this explanation, if someone is considering Avatar as a born of God Himself in a body like an ordinary man, then one needs deep meditation before understanding almighty Gods’ power . Don’t say to me that the greatest creator God is not able to create an Avatar body to reveal his powers and he can only insert a soul in a human body. (If you don’t know the difference between God and souls, please read Gita in the light of Vedas.)

    One Obvious Question: If Vedas are considered as the source of true knowledge why don’t they tell about Avatars (Like Shri ram and Shri Krishna) directly?
    1. Vedas are very first books which are reveled for human being before any Avatar.
    2. These books are supposed to provide true knowledge about Almighty God and the way to get His all blessings only.
    3. Future can be predicted but can not be confirmed as it depends on your Karmas. If God had written the information about Avtars in Vedas, it would be against His philosophy about future.

    All information about Shri Krishna (or any Other Avatar) which are against Vedas must be rejected forcefully.

    Vedas are the basics of our religious and social values. Every statement from our Religious books must be justified from Vedas values. If it is contradictory to Vedas then it must be rejected. We all know, Indian religious books had been modified at many places by many anti-Hindus and many idiot illiterate pundits even. And, that false knowledge had been circulated since middle age (or may be before of that, if someone has some research on this, please share with me. Thanks in advance!!!). I don’t oppose any book completely, but I reject every statement in any book which is against Vedas. Even we know, in Vedas also, a few statements had added. Many thanks to Scholar Dayanand Saraswati, who found them and rejected on the basis of Sanskrit grammar and logical grounds (Please read his literatures for those logics) .At least, it is a common sense if some sentence is opposite to other sentences which already have been proven logically then that sentence must be wrong. (FYI. I am not his blind follower. Again, Vedas don’t allow following any one blindly!!!).

    As per Mahabharata, as we know, there is nothing about Radha. And if Radha had been at that time and she had had one sided love with Shri Krishna and had accepted Him as Her Husband by heart (the same way as Savitri accepted Satyavan as her Husband just after having conversations with him) what’s wrong if she remained unmarried whole life with this strong believe that she can’t accept any other man as she already considered Herself for Shri Krishna. This only gives us the proof of Her pure feelings and thus must be highly respectable among all human kinds. Avatars are such ideal personally, anyone with pure heart will affectionate with them, so someone, how lived with them… how could be they be an exception!!!

  25. There is no such thing as “truth” in whatever you have said. These are just beliefs. “Vedas are the true knowledge” etc. etc. are common beliefs.

  26. Can you please justify if it is not truth. And, in your opinion, what should be considered as truth.

    If you will ask me the same question I’ll ask you to study Vedas first as my “Belief” in truth is based on them.

    Belief in the existence of God is necessary. And, in whole world, people follow some ideas and values which are based on their religious books / collection of speeches. As a human being it is our duty to analyze them and accept or reject them based on truth.

  27. Vedas are just books. Obviously written by some human beings around that time, based on their perceptions of the world around them. Many believe in them as THE TRUTH but I dont think we need any arguments to see that that need not be the case. It is just human creation, just like Ramayan and Mahabhrat with very little factual basis.

    Anything that is verifiable gets the status of truth. Everything else is hypothesis.

  28. Every Statement of Vedas can be verified hence called a truth. If you are not agreed please show me any example.
    Regarding Ramayana and Mahabharat- Yes, these are human written but not false stories. May be, with time, some events has been omitted or twisted. These stories, basically, tell us that whenever values of Vedas are overlooked we have to pay for that.

    I am putting emphasis on Vedas because I am Hindu. And I suppose to have some basic belief as per my religion. Basic belief is necessary.
    For example, we have a belief that Parents are most respected in whole world as they support us to get a better life in Society. In same way, we follow religious books as these books support us to understand God, His greatness. These books refine our thoughts and make us more responsible for society and family.

  29. krishna lft mathura to kill the kans. if krishn is god he can do anything. why didnt he came back to mathura again after killing kans…? & if he came back, why did he not married radha? radha krishna love story was vry famous at that time also, then why rukmini also wants to marry only krishna if she knws abot radha..? wat did radha when she came to knw abot krishnas marrage with rukmini…? why she didnt stop krishna…?
    krisna did wrong with radha. if krishna was aware he cant marry radha then why he played with radhas feelings…..???
    can sombdy pls tel me..?

  30. If you really want answer, you are at wrong place. go to ISCON community and ask they have done big reseach on this Subject.. Remeber!!! Asking question to the person who is having highest knowlege in related field is the only relevent way to get right answer.

  31. I will read that as people who claim to have done some research on the subject and who claim to have the highest knowledge in the area.

    Louder your guest speaks about his honor faster you should count your spoons.

    Thanks and Regards
    Akshar Prabhu Desai

  32. you seem got yr stories mixed up Hinduism do not stop you loving somebody but sure u don’t need to it to drag it with valentine day .
    you sure don’t need to show public about yr love keep in yr heart. I live in us and I don’t see anything wrong people trying to stop valentines day in India
    here in us valentine is not only for yr girlfriend well in India seems like it is you moron

  33. @aakash

    You might want to spend some time learning English first. That is the first step for getting into arguments. I had a hard time understanding your language which seems to have some resemblance with English. Improve your language and then come back and comment on my blog. FYI: Otherwise you sound like a total Asshole to me.

  34. I’m not sure exactly why but this weblog is loading very slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a problem on my end? I’ll check back later
    on and see if the problem still exists.

  35. My Dear Friend,

    I would like to tell you that your knowledge about Krishna and Radha is incomplete.They are pure soul mates.They can’t be separated.Whenver Lord Vishnu will take his incarnation mother Laxmi will take incarnation along with him as she has taken as Radha.their love is not like ours, their love is eternal. We look in our partners only for material enjoyment though We can’t decide who is our soul mate, We get ignorance in this material word. We can’t compare our love in this material world to Lord Krishna and Radha Rani’ pure and eternal love.
    And Radha rani’s presence is not explained in Bhagavat-gita and Vishnupuran not because of that reason what you have given here. So that’s why i told your knowledge is not complete please study Bhagavad-gita and Vishnupuran fully than only you will get to know that why Radha Rani is not present in these.

  36. Radha was the first infactuated love of krishna.So also viceverse.But when Krishna moved to Mathura along with his parents,over a period of time both Radha and krishna might have forgotten their first infactuated love life(Affair).They grew up in their respective places.Probably,as Radha being an elder one of the both,and as it is our Indian culture,a girl gets married at an early age ( In some texts it is mentioned that,a girl is to be married before the age of Eight(8),ie before she gets matured lest her ancestors go to Naraka(hell).So Radha might have Got married by her parents(Some texts mention that,She married a Yadava man by name “Abhimanyu”.) May be as she was a bodily weak person( Not by Mind),and because of her fairly ill halth (may be because of her whole mind was concentrated and revolved endlessley around her first lovelorn Krishna, she might have fallen mentally ill and ultimately might have died ( with out conceiving any children,Perhaps she never had any conjugal relationship with her married husband,This is the reason in some texts it is mentioned that,her Mother in law Jatila and her Sister in Law Kutila harassed her in her husbands house).Before her death it is said that, she asked her Friends (May be Childhood friends,The Gopikas, who knew about the Love affair of Radha with Krishna) that,upon her death,she wanted her body to be drowned (May be her ashes) in the River Jamuna( As a mark of her everlasting love towards her eternal love lorn Krishna..This is what might have taken place.
    This might have happened before Krishna might have attained his Youthfull Man hood.This is the reason that, how married Rukmini and other 7 women.And this is the reason,why Maha Rishi Vyasa did not mention the episode of Radha in his Epic MahaBharata.
    ( This sort of incidents are happening even in this modern world of India.But As Krishna is considered as God (Incarnation of Lord Vishnu),so also his first Lovelorn Radha is also considered as a part of his body and soul ( In some texts it is mentioned that,Radha is created from the Left Rib of Krishna.– This reminds the story of Adam and Eve of Bible).This indicates that,Radha is nothing but a part and parcle of Krishna himself).Therefore,This Love story Might have spread by Gopikas of Radha’s Friends.Hence it became ever living legend.

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