Forgotten Heroes

Subhash Chandra Bose is not the only forgotten hero of India. Yesterday was his Jayanti and the government as well as public forgot it very conveniently. No advertisements on TV or Paper not discussions about his him on the news channels nothing!

You will find 100 books written on the life of Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru and even Indira Gandhi. Wait for a few days and you will find books on Sonia Gandhi as well. Not that Gandhi is remembered today but his name still has a brand value that can fetch votes. His books like ‘My experiment with truth’ as per my knowledge are out of print and his collected works is not be found anymore. But there is still money left in writing books on him.

However it is difficult to find a well researched book on Subhash Chandra Bose. We have one in Bengali and one in Marathi ‘Mahanayak’, however very few in English and none of them is well researched. Subhash could have been a source of inspiration of the Indians provided he had got that much publicity in the post independence era.

All this doesnt surprise me. India has a long tradition of forgetting our heroes. We forgot Pruthviraj Chouhan, We forgot Aryabhatta and his work, we forgot Kautilyaa, we forgot them to an extent that many people think that they were myths. Did kautilyaa really existed? Then why is he not mentioned in our history textbooks? Where is his first book on Economics called ‘Arthshastra’ (well it was not really on economics but rather on management and politics)?

Come to recent times and we have forgotten ‘Chafekar Brothers’, we forgot Sawarkar (Hey last time we remembered him with a ‘communal’ tag and congress said he was responsible for the partition) , Lokamanya Tilak’s books can not be found even in Pune.

As far as politics is concerned we forgot some of the major contribution from people like Shyamaprasad Mukharji (he was primarily responsible for dissolving Kashmeer in India), Dindayal upadhyay or Jayprakash Narayan.

Now lets have a look at cricket. Yuvaraj singh was brought in the team by Ganguly and now Dhoni and Yuvi have decided to keep dravid and ganguly out of the team because Dravid is slow and Ganguly doesnt have stamina. While both these new batsman have failed terribly on the proper pitches and good bowling attack in Australia, Both dravid and ganguly have put on a decent performance.

Ganguly and Dravid though different in their approaches have stood as a pillar for the team whenever the team required it. The fact is that these guys have a lot of brand value which will persist as long as they are on the field. Once they are out of the field the brand value will go to Dhoni and Yuvi who can then earn more bucks by endorsing products. 🙂

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