Can we have a Party named after her as well?

aishwarya_amar248.jpgAmitabh Bachhan named a school after his daughter-in-laws name. She and Abhi were the news makers of last year. No one managed to get more time on news channels not even the news readers I guess. To go my the screen time I think Ash and Abhi with Amar Singh in the middle were the news makers of last year.

Now the same Mr. Amar Sigh has named his house after Ash. I thought things are named after people, the ‘after’ in this sentence means ‘after their death’. My English is too weak may be.

But I don’t think Ash’s English is bad. She knows what words to use where. See how she responded

“I was a little hesitant when the family decided to name the school after me since there are so many other seniors in the family already. I think it would have been more appropriate to name it after them. But now that they have convinced me, I want to ensure that I live up to their expectations,”

Hmm…… Seniors are only at your workplace I thought. At home you call them ‘elders’ . Or has she included Amar Singh too in her family?

They have convinced me, Living upto expectations etc etc is exactly the same language used by Sonia Gandhi before elections. CNN IBN too thought that Ash might join politics.

Whatever it may be but I am very happy. Imagine Amitabh dropping her to parliament in his fantom. That will look cool among all the crappy ambassador cars. Or may be she might drive in her own Porsche. How the red light will look on a Porsche?

Mayavati went to a beauty parlor before her birthday it seems. But an elephant (her party symbol) can become white elephant only if it spends 24 crore on its security. I am all fed up of watching Mayavati, Jayalalita and Sushma swaraj on tv. I am not at all commenting on Sonia Gandhi. They say she looked like Liza haywards when she entered India. The Khadi and Saree doesn’t go well with her Italian accented Hindi either.

Now we will have Ash on TV as usual but in a different way. She will come in cool sunglasses Jeans and a Pink top to parliament. She will talk about Nation, Economy and Welfare of poor while wearing Nakshatra diamond Jewelery. She might come with black suited Body guards with black glasses just like Hitman.

We have already so many dumb people running our nation at least now its a time to have some beautiful ones. A lady leader that will wear branded jeans and jewelery. She will walk on Ramp as well and will appear in TV Ads.

Then what Mayavati and Jayalalita will do? They can join the silver screen. Jayalalita can get a role in Ekta Kapoors south Indian remake and multimake of any K serial. Even there she will be called ‘Amma’. Like Humma Humma Rehman might make a Amma Amma song for the serial as well.

Mayavati can produce movies. Her party workers give a lot of money to her it seems. She can produce a movie on Dalit’s life there. She can play the lead role and she can reserve all 100% posts in the movie to SC/ST. If the movie goes flop she can make a remake of Hathi Mere Sathi. Again she can be lead role. I mean besides the elephant. She will have difficulty in playing the role of Elephant.

If Ash is successful as I have no doubt in my mind about it, even the bollywood hunks can enter in. John Abraham, Arjun Rampal, Shahrukh etc etc. They will even become ministers. If that happened it will be a revolution. Imagine the headlines.
“Minister of River Navigation found kissing minister of External affairs in the corridors of South Block”- Mid Day

“Whats going on between Minister of Baal-Kalyaan and Minister of health?”

I think indian public needs a change and this will certainly bring a change in Indian Politics.

If Ash become PM we will see all the world leaders coming to India often. Especially from France may be 😉

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