Sheher Sunsan Hai Kidhar Jaye…….Khaak hokar kahi bikhar jaye…….

Saw a new (?) movie this week end. Typically during examination I had this habit of watching movies after midnight (mind you the movie use to start at around 1 am). I use to arraneg all my books pencils etc around me. Some hot coffee or a bottle of coke or pepsi. Something to eat mostly cooked by me at around 11 in night. While watching the movie till early morning I would study a few things and next day would answer the examination.

I could recreate the same situation this weekend. While studying for GATE. I watched a 2006 movie called Yatra. This movie never appeared in theaters perhaps. Dint get any awards as well. The cast was Nana Patekar,Rekha and Dipti Naval. Rekha and Dipti were my all time favourite. I just loved Dipti in movies like RangiBerangi. A very innocent beauty and charm.

The movie

I am not going to write a review of the movie but only narrate the story and how the director Gautam Ghosh has handled it.

The movie starts with Dasharath Joglekar’s family. Dasharath Jogelakar is a man in his 60s with a very cool family. His old mother, a loving wife (Dipti), two sweet kids a girl and a boy. They love each other so much that its very annoying when compared to most of the families in other movies where you always expect a conflict to occur somewhere in the movie.

Dasharath is very well known auther who has recieved a Sahitya Award for his latest book ‘Janaza’ (funeral in Farsi). Though his kids love him a lot they have never managed to read any of his books, While Dasharath listen to classical music his son plays drum side by side and there is stil no conflict between them.

His whole family rushes to a near by Mall with Dasharath’s mother only because the Mall has announced that people will get discount equal to their age. 🙂 Dasharath still had the ideals of Gandhi but knows how to adapt with the current time as well.

He drinks everyday and he too visits the Mall for amusement.

He resides in Hyderabad and has to travel to Delhi for the award ceremony. Everyone is excited to see him on television. He decides to travel by train though the organisers ask him to come by plane. His host in Delhi a cute girl called Sen calls him and asks why did he choose to come by train, his answers aptly “My great grand father was a good friend of Lord Dalhousie who started the Indian Railways, So I am emotionally attached to train”.

I think the director has put this train journey in the movie so that he can make the viewers know the story of his book ‘Janaza’.

In the train he meets a young film director. Who is all excited to make a movie on this novel. Both of them put forward their perspectives of the story which roughly goes like this.

The story is of Lajavanti a Keep of a businessman called Randi. Though the she thinks of this relationship has a marriage, Reddy thinks of her as mere a toy to satisfy his sexual desire. He has his own family and Lajavanti feels bad that he never gives her as much importance as his real wife.

She is a great dancer and singer as well. She does everyhting to amuse her master, each night with him is a torture for her but she tolerates everyhting.

On the other side in the nearby village another protagonist of the story “Satish” a school master get settled with his family which again consists of his old mother wife and two kids.

Author Dasharath identifies himself with Satish yet he says they are different. He tell the young director that both of them the author and his creation have some things in common. The young film maker promises him that he will show both shades in the movie. “Will it be fictional or truth?” Asks Dasharath. The film maker says I will let you know later. This conversation is a bit abstract.

The story of Lajavanti moves ahead. One day Reddy calls his friends from government to his kothi where he asks Lajavanti to dance for them . In that scene these friends pass on extreamly vulgur comments and misbehave with her. Lajo stops dancing and gets back to her room. Reddy tries to convince her that if she sleeps with them for one night they will favour him in his business. She gets shocked and declines to dis honor herself. Reddy shows hi original colors and tells her that she is mere a Randi kept to amuse him. And now that she has declined to amuse his friend she will be dishonored against her wish. She slaps him and runs away from the Kothi.

Reddy undertakes a search operation and finally catches her near a river. She is caught by his goons. She cries, pleads for mercy but the heartless Reddy takes revenge of his insult by asking his servant to GangRape her. They leave her only in the morning. Totally distroyed she lies helpless on the ground. May be the wind sympathises her and flies back her torn of clothes on her body.

Satish the school master happens to reach there who brings her abck to his house out of humanity. She gains back her life in his house and even starts singing.

But one night Reddy’s people threaten Satish that he must throw her out of his house. Lajo decides to leave satish’s house and that day morning Satich drops her in the Lane’s of hyderabad. Where she becomes a courtesan.

Satish visits her often and his wife too somehow lives with that fact.

Th young filmmakers want to know how he can end this film with a dramatised climax. The question is should it be realistic ot total fiction? If the its not fiction than what is the reality??????

Dasharath reaches Delhi where he is recieved by his pretty host Sen. She drives him to his hotel while he asks her if they can visit RajGhat (where mahatma gandhi was cremeted). Their dialogs on the way are very entertaining. Especially about Gandhi and his philosophy.

Dasharath delivers a wodnerful speech in the award ceremony watches tv in his hotel room for a long time including a porn MMS. He laughs at everythings madly.

The very next day he leaves th hotel without telling nay one and goes to hyderabad. To meet the real Lajo. The viewes realise that Janaza is Dasharath’s own story told on a different timeline. Lajo is now known as Miss Liza who dances on the tunes of Hindi Remixes now. While she still does riyaz in the morning.

She is happy to see dasharath back after decades. Her faithful servant who knows him searches for all the Maifilwale such as a Sarangiwala who is now working in as a labor on a construction site. Dasharath sees the new dance of Miss Liza and also appreciates her mehfil also.

He stays there for many days while his family back at home is so tensed.

It so happens that for the first time he tries to get physical with Lajo and his age gives him dhoka. He gets a heart attack and dies there. Lazo cries in vein.

On the other side Dasharath’s wife read his book Janaza and realises what that book contains. She rushes to the red light area in Hyderabad. While she manages to find house of Lajo. Lajo has kept Dasharath’s body in ice packed in a cupboard.

And when Dasharath’s wife enters her house the cupboard is disposed of by carryign into a truck. The movie ends right there.

His body is carried in the truck, thats the JANAZA.

At the same time the young film director is wrting a letter to Dashrath saying that he has decided that he will give a fictional climax to the movie. Dasharath never goes back to Lajo and Lajo always remains with a hope that one day he will come. The youg director has no idea about the drama of the real end of the story.

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