The Laxman Rekha

While searching for books in Central library I came across a book ‘In the tunnle of time’, I never knew that the famous cartoonist used to write as well. It was R. K. Laxman father of the common man who never spoke.

I never noticed that the common man never speaks in his cartoons (who notices him talking anyways?) until I came across his interview in Reader’s Digest a few years back.

His brother R. K. Narayan one of the best novelist in India immortalized Swami and his village Malgudi. He was often criticized that he showed the world only in the rural brahmin’s point of view. I dont think thats somehtign wrong. Calvin And Hobbes see the world in the perspective of only a 1st std kid we dotn mind it.


However R.K Laxman’s perspective was that of a common man. His common man truly represented the common man of India. Who does nothing but quietly watching the ironies around himself.

His cartoons never insulted anyone nor they were ever prejudiced. But they certainly made me think. I dont remember a single cartoon of his which I could say in appropriate.

I dont know why but when I saw him crying while receiving CNN IBN lifetime achievement award with Abdul Kalam standing beside him, even I felt a little sentimental. After all it was and honor presented not only to Laxman but more than that a common man with torn coat and dhoti. A black framed specs and uncut hair.

I hope his strokes of line continue to bring smiles on our face.

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