Mithyaa! An illusion

When I was kid I once tried to peel of the skin of an onion thinking that I will find something inside. I peeled of all the skin finally to get nothing. Watching Rajat Kapoor’s Mithyaa was a similar experience. However this time I did gain a lot of satisfaction while coming out of the theaters.

Last time I saw two good thrillers like Manorama 6 feet under and Johny Gaddhar. But Mithyaa is certainly a better one.

The best things about Mithyaa is that it is not a typical thriller film. It starts of showing a struggling actor and main protagonist VK, the ironies of his life. He considers himself as a ‘Kalakaar’ and buys a quarter whiskey everyday. Everynight he practices ‘Hamlet’ which annoys his jahil-gawar neighbors.

Starting off as a comedy the film takes a thriller turn as some gangsters find him a look alike of another Gang leader. While Comedy and thrillers goes hand in hand a love story unfolds between VK and his kidnappers Girl Friend Neha Dhupia. The gang leaders a are Sourabh Shuklaa (shetty), his advisor Naseeruddin shah (Gawade) and his Chamachas Vinay Pathak and one more guy. The performance by all this guys is really top notch and deserve an applause.

While they decide to kill the real Don Raje and plan VK at his place, VK needs to be trained. This training scenes are hilarious as well as very realistic. Especially the scene in which VK hold the gun against his own head and demands Egg Omlet is shot with real beauty. Cinematography and camerawork is very pleasing to eye.

Dialogs are apt and have humor to the right limit. Unlike Priyadarshan’s movies the humor is not just mean to generate laughter but it an inseparable part of the story.  Rajat Kapoors gives deep attention to minor details such as casual talk between Shetty and Vinay Pathak about how they brought VK with his legs fixed in cement concrete so that he cant run. The way these actors speaks is natural as well as funny but is doesnt disturb the fact that they are ruthless Dons.

The story moves ahead as Raje is successfully killed and VK is planted at his place. Raje though is the biggest Don, has a very loving family and loyal brother who handles his security. This where a drama starts when VK tries to Cop-up with the Don’s loving wife, mother and two cute twin kids.

In an accident VK looses his memory and forgets everything. His wife and brothers tell him who is he. Since he forgets that he is actually planted by someone else this disturbs Shetty’s gang.

A good script, that is complemented with good directorial vision, powerful cast and good production value makes this movie a good one but one things that stands above all is a performance by our protagonist “Ranavir Shourie”. He certainly deserves a standing ovation for the movie and I hope that his performance will be remembered during the film award ceremonies that will happen at the end of the year.

Starting as a comedy the movie rests as a black Comedy.

3 thoughts on “Mithyaa! An illusion

  1. Writing gives you the illusion of control, and then you realize it’s just an illusion, that people are going to bring their own stuff into it.

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