And the Oscar goes to………

My wait is over for the best movie of the year. Now what is left is running for a DVD and watch the Academy Winning movies. It does really matter which movie is decided to be the the best. Often most of the nominated movies are good. Exceptionally good we can say.

This time Oscars were clearly dominated by thriller sort of movies. “No country for old men” won the best picture award. But contrary to what I thought it would be (my Indian mind thought it will be about old people getting humiliated everywhere, somehting like ‘Nishant’ ). It actually a movie about Cash, murder and a psychopath.

“There will be blood” is about a greedy businessmen who denounces his own son because he is deaf. The son later returns to challenge his father empire based on greed.


‘Bourne’ series is always intriguing. Though I have not seen the last part it winning an oscar will give me an excuse to hire it.

Antonment was considered to be a sure winner for the Best Picture though it missed it.

Rattatatoily the Rat story is the best animation picture of the year as expected.

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