Films that most of us should have seen

We often redicule hindi cinema saying that either they are very vulgar imitations of Hollywood movies or vulgar original stories. The producers and the torchbearers of Bollywood support such movies saying the public too wants the similar stories.

However there are indeed good Hindi movies being made. The reason why they dont reach us is that they are most often lack proper marketing. Here are some stories and movies which I beleive are more Indian and very original.

Ek Doctor Ki Maut – Death of a Doctor.

This one movie made me believe that Pankaj Kapoor is the best actor in the industry. His presence on the screen in this movie should be regarded as the textbook of acting.

With the stallwarts like Shabana Azami and deepa Sahi the hindi movie world discovers talent of Irfan Khan. Th movie tries to depict the mentality of the Indian Beaurocracy and how personal grudges hurt the interest of the nation as a whole.

After years of painstaking research at the cost of his personal life, Dr. Dipankar Roy discovers a vaccine for leprosy. The news is flashed over television and overnight, an insignificant junior doctor receives international recognition. Professional jealousy and abuse of power threaten Dr. Roy, even as the Secretary of Health reprimands him for breaking the news to the press. He is asked to report to the Director of Health. Professional colleagues Dr. Arijit Sen and Dr. Ramananda invite him to a lecture but it is merely a pretence to humiliate him. Dr. Roy suffers a mild heart attack but he refuses to go to the hospital. His wife and a few others like Dr. Kundu stand by Dr. Roy, but the harassment continues; a letter from an American foundation is suppressed and Dr. Roy transferred to a remote village. The last straw is two American doctors receiving credit for discovering the same vaccine. Dr. Roy is shattered.

Jane Bhi Do Yaron : Who pays the Piper

This movie turned out to be very popular. With Naseeruddin shah and Raju Vasvani playing the two main protagonists. Pankaj Kapoor as a Goon cum builders proves his mettle.

A photographer-duo start a studio, only to find wrong things happening right from its launch. However, their photographic assignments lead them to expose shady facts about the city’s builders, municipal officers, and others. The film exposes many evils through its hilarious style, which weaves into its narrative slapstick comedy, as well as epic (a la Mahabharata) episodes to incisive effect. The movie is basically a comedy but thought provoking. Both the idealist photographers here sing the song “Hum hinge Kaamyaab ek din” whenever they get distressed. However the same song in the climax makes a totally unexpected impact on the viewers.



This NFDC movie has significantly better product qualities than all other movies except Gandhi. Unlike other NFDC movie the movie has exceptional cinematographic values. Said that it doesn mean that movie is bad on other fronts. Based on strogn script the movie keeps you engaged and opens the closed corners of human mind and different aspects of love.

On the first day of the shooting of his film, Pramod introduces the cinematographer ‘M’ to young Sushmita, the main actress in the film and her lovely mother, Mrs. Jyothi Bhat. As the shooting progresses, the relationships among them start changing. Sushmitha starts liking M and starts calling him “Cheta”, meaning elder brother in Kerala. M decides to cast Sushmita as Asha in the film he is planning to direct. Pramod, who has so far remained a chronic bachelor, though he plays around with girls and makes films on them, starts getting a strange and pure feeling towards Sushmita.

Mein Zinda Hoon : I am Alive

This one comes from my favorite director the makes of Hazaron Khwahishein aisi.

An orphan, Beena, migrates to Bombay, only to have her idle husband desert her. She becomes the breadwinner of her in-laws’ family. When she falls in love with a man, the members of her family change their attitude as they grow selfish and feel that they would be losing their sustenance. Once her missing husband returns though, they don’t sympathize with Beena any longer. Instead, they treat her as a whore. The movie silently comments on how the society looks at women and how she merely becomes a puppet in the hands of her surroundings. She never gets to live her own life while expectations from her only increase.

Bangarwadi : This Village has no walls

This one comes from one of my favourite actors turned director Amol Palekar. This movie won Presidents award. Most of the faces are unknown and that perhaps is the strong point of the story. Its about the life of a school master who arrives in the village of shefards who are known for their rabid attitude. He is determined to taken them on the path of progress. However the future and nature something else in store for the master as well as the village.

A young man takes a journey on a cart through jungles to reach the small hamlet of Bangarwadi, inhabited by a few shepherds, peasants and some members of a criminal tribe known as the Ramoshis. The young man goes there as a teacher. After the initial trauma, he finds the milieu and the environment very inspiring and educative. But then he is transferred to some other school. What remains with him is the memory of the simple folk and their pure nature. A drought in village makes all the villagers leave the village with no clue of where they will go. The master too has to leave. The only thing he can take with him is the memories.

Agantuk : The stranger

It is impossible to think of Indian cinema without Satyajit Ray. Like all his movies this movie too is sufficient to prove that he was the BEST.

The movie has one of the most unique and imaginative stories I have seen and yet very common. What makes this movie a masterpiece is the way Satyajit Ray has handled it. I was waiting in the lounge of a resort when I found a Dutch tourist with a fat book in his hand about Ray’s films. That was the first time I heard of this movie. And believe me watching it over a weekended makes you forget everything else. my already weak vocablury is too insufficent to express what I feel about the movie.

Anila and her husband, Sudhindra Bose, receive the news that her uncle Manmohan, who has spent more than 35 years travelling in distant lands, is back in India and would like to spend a few days with them. Manmohan arrives and turns out to be a forthright man with lots of stories to tell about his travels, which make the Boses a bit suspicious. He, however, wins the admiration of their 11-year-old son, Satyaki. Sengupta, a barrister friend, is invited to subject the uncle to an interrogation during the course of which Manmohan is openly insulted. The next morning, Manmohan is gone. The couple set out in search of him and eventually make a discovery that is both a source of delight and shame for them.

THE VOYAGE BEYOND (Antarjali Yatra)

This movie was shown atleast 10 years back on DD. And i watched in pain. Its today that I realised it was a good movie indeed.

Some times when your parents say “you are too young too know it, when you will grow up you will understand” .. you need to beleive them

Some time in the 19th century, the savage practice of Sati (a widow immolating herself on her husband’s funeral pyre) had been banned but not quite banished. An old decrepit Brahmin, Sitaram, is brought to the holy river to invoke divine blessings when an astrologer suggests that he can earn some merit by marrying again. The suggestion is accepted and a poor and needy Brahmin found who is willing to offer his young daughter, Yashobati, for the purpose. Despite protests from the “untouchable” Baiju, the cremation ground attendant, the marriage is solemnized. But death tarries and the relatives rush to heed the call of more mundane matters. The down-to-earth and rebellious Baiju, however, is overcome by anger and passion. The result is stormy and somewhat unpredictable.

Raghu Romeo

You might blame me for calling this movie a ‘must watch’. I believe that movies are meant for common man and they are supposed reflect the common sentiments of the people. Things which we are and the things that we are willing to become. This is one such movie.

Raghu is a waiter in a dance bar – a night club with somewhat suspect clientele. The world around him is noisy and chaotic. People are mean to him. It is obviously a world where he does not belong. However, one shining light inspires Raghu to coast through his humdrum existence with some resemblance of equanimity — his relationship with Neetaji. To Raghu, Neetaji is Mother Earth herself, so warm, all embracing generous and brimming over with love. There is only one problem– she doesn’t really exist — she is just a character on a TV show. And then… Raghu discovers that somebody is trying to kill Neetaji. He must save her at any cost!

Bubble Gum

Beware the story sounds very very interesting but the movie is yet to be released. However the movie has already attracted the attention of the critics and ardent movie goers.

VEDANT is 14. He has been growing up alone almost like a single child in spite of not being one. He resents his PARENTS – MUKUND and SUDHA’s over concern for his elder brother NISHANT, 16 who is deaf and is studying away from home in a special school in the big city of Lucknow. With both the parents working hard to support the expensive education of the children – they are left with no time for Vedant. Whatever little time they get – they worry about Nishant -the special one. Vedant is taken for granted as he is ‘normal’.

Life for him looks up when a beautiful girl JENNY, also 14, moves in close by. Hoping to find some emotional support in her he begins wooing her intensely but only to discover a competition brewing over her with another neighboring dude RATAN, 15.

Things get a bit complicated when Nishant returns home for his Holi (Festival of Colors) Holidays! They go all out to ensure that he gets compensated in every possible way for losing out on the family life! Vedant is asked to give his brother a priority and forget his local friends as long as Nishant is there with them! Fearing losing the girl to his rival – Vedant fights back!

As he fights back-he discovers himself, his brother and his family…..

BUBBLE GUM is a coming of an age story set in a small industrial town of Jamshedpur in India. It is coming-of-age story not only for Vedant but also his parents who realize how their effort was definitely helping their handicap son integrate well into the mainstream of life but at the same time was isolating their otherwise normal son towards becoming a handicap!

Finally, the family learns to live better!NOTE: I have not seen all the movies listed above. The one I have seen were certainly great and those which I have not seen, I am recommending them on the base of prejudice. Its worth having it sometimes.

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