Movies that stay with you..

There are some movies that stay with you even after the DVD comes out of the player or you walk out of the movie hall. They make you think and they help you grow emotionally. They possess a power to change the way you look to the life. Here are my own choices. Please feel free to comment about your choices as well.

I have DVDs of all these movies and I will be willing to share them as well.

A beautiful Mind

This was the first VCD I ever bought in my life. As a student Rs 199 was quite sum for me and I had to think twice before I bought it. Then I discovered that these movies can be downloaded off net for free. Nevertheless I never felt that I wasted 199 bucks. I have written a more elaborate blog about the film and theme of the movie.

The movie is based on a real story revolving around the life of a prodigious Mathematician (some people think being a mathematician in itself is a job of a prodigy).

The Oscar winner movie starred Russel Crowe and Jennifer Connelly as leads. The movie showed up and downs in John Nash’s life as he starts viewing imaginary people. He with his determination and strength of mind finally manages to overcome the problem but till than he has already lost his career. Undeterred he finally gets Nobel Prize for his work in economics and game theory.

The English Patient

A badly burnt patient is brought in a villa in Italy. A nurse serves him in that villa while they are accompanied by a thief and a sapper. The movie proceeds as we get to see the flashbacks of the patients life. His passionate love for a woman on the backdrop of world war two. The choices he makes in life to get her. What makes this movie so revetting is the way the English patient’s life gets related to other three people in the villa. While we get to see the identity of the patien, identities of other three people are also revealed.

Unless you understand the movie properly the movie can turn out to be very very boring. The narrative is very lulled and the pace just very slow. However as the movie proceeds we realize that the slow pace is what makes it more interesting.

Million Dollar Baby

With the poster in the INOX I thought it would be just a female Rocky Balboa jumping in the ring eventually to become the World Heavyweight Champion. The same old story I thought. However I was proved terribly wrong. It took me great courage and strength to restrain from crying in the theater. Probably the only second movie I ever shed a tear on.

Directed by my favorite actor/director Clint Eastwood, who also has a major role in the movie. Also Morgan Freeman gives a Oscar winning performance in a supporting role. The movie shows you life of Maggy a ordinary girl who has big dreams. Dream to become the best boxer. Her determination and hard work puts her on the right track however her shoulders seem to be not strong enough to carry the weight of her dream.

What follows next is a unbearable tragedy portrayed terribly by the director. The somewhat action packed first half is turned into a silent tregedy in the next half. Just when you feel the movie is getting over you realize that it has actually begun.


Hotel Rwanda

The only other movie beside Million Dollar baby that made me sentimental was Hotel Rwanda. Movie based on a true story during the Civil War in a tiny country Rwanda. Its about a young manager in a Hotel whose concious forces him to come out of his own safety zone and help the helpless.

The film shows genocides of Tutsi’s in Rwanda. It depicts hippocratic attitude of so called modern world to the contries like Rwanda. The movie is about the courage and perseverance of an ordinary human being who has come out to accomplish something which he too knows he cant. Thankfully the movie ends with ‘what can be called’ a happy ending.

You can read by detailed blog about this movie

one reviewers puts it like this :

Ten years ago some of the worst atrocities in the history of mankind took place in the country of Rwanda–and in an era of high-speed communication and round the clock news, the events went almost unnoticed by the rest of the world. In only three months, one million people were brutally murdered. In the face of these unspeakable actions, inspired by his love for his family, an ordinary man summons extraordinary courage to save the lives of over a thousand helpless refugees, by granting them shelter in the hotel he manages.

Shawshank Redemption

A young and talented corporate banker is sent to jail for killing his adulterous wife and her lover while they were in bed. He arrives the prison of shawshank managed by the ruthless and corrupt Warden Norton. Andrue played by Tim Robbins learns to live in the jail and gets used to it. he befriends the con man of the jail played by Morgan freeman. Silent and reserved Andrue helps the warden and the other officials in the jail to fill their tax returns and wins some respect from them. he helps the Warden to invest his money earned through corrupt means.

The movie not only has high riveting drama that keeps on shocking you constantly but also has a good dosage of philosophy. Movie proceeds in the narration of Morgam Freeman. What happens at the end is worth watching. The movie is rated as second best movie on

Life is beautiful

It is such a pleasure to write about this movie. The movie not only unfolds the beauty of precious life but it also about a fathers genuine attempts to hide all the bad aspects of life from his son. Its an Italian movie based on the era of WWII where the jews are being discriminated.

One such jew father smells what the future has in store for him and decides to protect his son’s emotional world from the serious things happening around us. You not only feel absolutely connected about the father and the kid but you have a smile on your face while you see their relationship fostering. The strength of the movie is that it makes you laugh and smile while you truly understand the serious things that the characters are actually facing in the movie.

That is exactly the protagonist of the story tries to do to keep his son shielded from all that is evil, the death and the truth of concentration camps. He instead makes him believe that what is going around them is actually a big game where in the people who play well get to stay.

The movie gives you nothing but joy and upliftm and let me bet to you that this movie can feel you with joy in any situation.

Schindler’s list

Steven Spielberg came to limelight as a genius with this movie. Again based on the backdrop of WWII and discrimination of jews the movie is about Oscar Schindler who runs a factory with jews to manufacture utensil’s for the German army. His honest attempts to save jews, make him gain a lot of respect from jews. He is aimed often by the the Nazies but he successfully manages to escape.

The movie shows bitterly how jews were being discriminated during the WWII. Its disturbing but we can derive a few lessons from them.

What i liked most about the movie was its poster which was uniuque and summerized almost everything about the movie. A strong hand helping a weak one.

In the end : Everyone gets sent to Schindler’s hometown to work at his factory – the women are sent to Auchwitz accidentally but are returned to Schindler eventually. The workers make a gold ring for him engraved with a Hebrew proverb. Schindler breaks down in tears as he and his wife flee the factory. A few days later the Red Army liberates the workers. Goeth is eventually found in Austria and hanged for war crimes. The final scene shows a group of people in the distance walking towards the camera. As they get closer, they each lay a stone on a grave, and we realize these are the *actual* Schindler Jews accompanied by the actors who either portrayed them or their relatives.

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