SCJP Finally

Sun Certified Java Programmer! Sounds very nice, also hopefully it will amuse my prospective employer if my current employer doesn’t get enough amused with me.

It was all unexpected. As usual with full over confidence I told the HR department that I am ready to answer SCJP within a month. Untile last two days I dint do any study 🙂

And when I realised that it’s not as easy as programming with JAVA I was a little tensed. Not because of the failure in exam (I had many such failures to my credit, me proud of it) but my Rs 4800 were at stake. As per company policy they promised to reamburse the amount if we pass.

The J Day arrived and I cleared with 65% (passing was 59%). It was wonderful experience.

I had actually devised a theory to ridicule the whole concept of Certifications  assuming I would fail. I had prepared statements like. Certifications are just black ink on some glossy white paper. No way they can define how well coder you are. It’s proved only when you get your hands dirty with REAL code.

Now that I have cleared I would say “Certifications essentially imply that you have achieved  a level and mastery in the language to an extent that it is internationally accepted and respected.  It gives you recognitions and proves that you KNOW the language.  Knowledge without recognition is useless. If you think you know JAVA u must go for certification”  

The caveat here is (since I have got less %).  Just a certification is enough the score above passing score should be attributed to luck. It doesnt indicate anything.

I havent written a JAVA program for last 6 months or so. I have been working on Ruby for last so many months. After falling in love with Ruby going back to JAVA sounds like an extra-martial affair to me. For some-one who believes in Live-in relationship its not that difficult 😉

5 thoughts on “SCJP Finally

  1. Hi Akshar, congrats for clearing the certification exam! So, I guessed from ur post that u r in infy…I know I am right 🙂
    Neways, check out my new post!!!

  2. Oh sunayana u missed it 🙂 I am in Persistent Systems
    Thanks for your comment.
    SCJP was no big deal (i can safely say it after clearing)

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