Survival of Weaker

Right from my childhood I was considered among physically weak people. I had tough time with the bullying students in primary as well as school. Like they say Survival is for the fittest.  However the fittest here should not be taken for ‘physical fitness’.

Over years I developed my own ways of handling things and so called strong people.  I calle it ‘evil tricks of wicked management.

So why I am telling all this apparent crap is  becaue I want to share with my readers my experiences in Gym. Yes I joined Gym recently. Until I joined it I ridiculed the idea with my usual satirical comments. example: Gym must be a pretty interesting place if you can tolerate the smell of the sweat of fellow body builders. OR Yeah I am sure joining a Gym will help, if not physically mentally u will remain under the impression that you are doing something to reduce the fat.

I never had Fat problems, my genes are not cursed with pot-belly problem nor they are blessed with hulk muscles. However when I entered Neomi’s Fitness Center in Panaji I had a tough time there.

People around me were either jumbo size working hard to reduce a few Kgs or some Hunks which I felt were giving exercise to the machines rather than themselves. One them was lifting dumbbells of 50Kgs. That was in-human.

Soon I discovered my level. The first day first exercise was cycling. While I was cycling I was more or less engrossed in some curves that oscillated on the treadmill in front of me. Concentration at one place causes distraction at other and my foot slipped off the pedal. I had no clue to how to stop the cycle while one one of my leg was moving. Finally I was helped by someone. It was a bit of shame for normal person me being shameless it wasnt much.

The true fun was ahead. When I was told to do exercises such as  dumb-bell side raises and sited barbell curls I discovered that I could do only half of what I was told to do. If the trainer asked for 15 reps I cud do only 8 or fewer, taking lesser weight did not amuse me because some girls there would use only little lesser weight than me. (Yes! Sometime I dont want to see women on equal levels, at least not in cases where the god himself has put men in favorable position).

The BIG guys would take double wieght than me and would do good number of reps. They had friends to assist me and I was all alone.

Soon I devised a theory to overcome this problem. Now I would use the same weight but counting the reps was different. Instead of saying 1,2,3,4, I would say 1 , 3,7,9 etc. Till 25-30. Only occasionally I would say the word loud enough so that the trained could here and the people around me as well. 🙂

I soon discovered that people (the BIG guys) around me were impressed with me. Than started coming near me to give me tips etc etc. Not just that it boosted my confidence and gave me inspiration to do more. IT WORKED.

3 thoughts on “Survival of Weaker

  1. Looking at ur expr. of going to gym i’v also thot of going to and stretching my muscles 🙂 and genes avoiding fat belly tummy ,specifically!!!!!
    Any ways it was nice B-)

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