His Life, My country !

Biographies have always remained my most fascinating genre of books. May it be A beautiful mind or Man who knew infinity or Mrutyunjaya, I get inspired from lives of the legends.

There is a subtle difference between biographies and autobiographies.  Biography most often try to glorify the person they are talking about, autobiographies too do the same but with some modesty.

L. K. Advani’s book that has been topping the best seller charts for last few weeks is a very interesting read. Not because Advani and his life but for the insight that it gives us into the life of a person who suffered the partition. An organization like RSS and Jana Sangh. Rise and Fall of their government and then rise of BJP.

It was very critical that one of the elder’s in BJP write such books. The reason being that after a few years it will be the second generation of leaders that is going to lead the party. Janasangh had magnificiant leaders like Dr. Shyamaprasad Mhookharji and Din Dayal Upadyaya. Harldy anything is written about them.

To understand their greatness one has to go through their speeches in parliament, their scholarship challenged the monopoly of congress.  Advani is the leader who successfulyl created  a situation that the congress is no more the strongest of largest party in India.

The books has account of his childhood , his love for movies and cricket. One thing that we constantly observe is the influence of RSS on advani’s personality. Unlike his image is potrayed, he doesnt seem to have any hate for any community and seems to be very proud of the diverse heritage of Sindh. While said so you can also read the pain in his heart for the partition.

With his simple and lucid language Advani acts like a guide who takes us through the post partition era to modern politics.  I havent read the whole book and have just finshed 4th chapter but with what I have read , I must say its a pretty interesting read.

2 thoughts on “His Life, My country !

  1. I am yet to reach that part 😦 and given my busy schedule I will take little more time to reach there as well.

    That is undoubtedly a shameful memory for NDA government.

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