Khuda Ke Liye

I am allergic to those Hindi movies which claim to ‘give a message’ on communal harmony and secularism. May it be Shaurya or Little hope and Sugar, I dont really think these movies give any messege nor they are entertaining. I guess they only help the producer director to establish themselves as so called serious cinema makers.

Watching ‘Khuda Ke Liye’ on a peaceful weekend was a great cinematic experience. This movie has been adored all over the world and as per what I believe gives the perspective of Pakistani society on Islam. It is important to note that Pakistan never upholds secularism nor they are proud of any diversity among them, so dont expect the kind of dose we get in Indian cinema. However I feel that this movie is much more realistic than its Indian counterparts.

Movie starts with the story of two brothers. Both love music. Both are hardcore Muslims believing in principles of Islam  such as non-alchoholism. However one of the brother gets under the influence of a fanatic Mulla, who is also a major personality in Al Quyada. As the time goes my, this mulla convinces on of the brothers that music is against Islam. Other brother on other hand leaves for US to study in Chicago School of Music.

The music of this movie is phenomenal. Some things do hurt when he proudly says Taj Mahal was built by us and that ‘us’ is nothing but Muslims.

Mery is a young muslim girl in London who is in Love with Christian Dev.   Her father himself married to a Christian woman, is not happy with her decision and takes her to pakistan and forcibly gets her married to the brother who has come under the influence of mulla. He also happens to be her first cousin. Sad part is until the actual marriage is happening Mery is not aware that she is getting married, and when she realizes it, its useless opposing it.

She certainly deserves kudos for portraying that young girl so beatifully. But at the same time you also admire her courage in that situation of fight against all odds.

The other brother marries a US girl in chicago.

Things just seem to be settling down everywhere and the tragic incident of 9/11 occurs leaving everyone shocked. American attack Afganistan. US government stars racial profiling and they catch this Pakistani citizen and put him in prison which is no different from a concentration camp. He is beaten up to say that he is a terrorist. He is sexually abused. But one thing he keeps on saying is that ‘I love USA’.

American’s do not understand the cultural differences of America and Pakistani. They dont understand how he can read Arabic without understanding its meaning. The ‘Taavij’ on his hand seems to be having some urdu letters which mean ‘God give us strength to fight against Kafirs’. American official derive meaning as per their convenience and charge him as a terrorist.

Mery’s husband rapes her on order of  the Mulla. She gives birth to a Kid. Mulla thinks that she wont run away with kid. She manages to send a letter to Dev in London that she was forcibly married by her father in Pakistan and now lives on the border of Afaganistan.

British Embassy forces Pakistani government to return her. And that is when the movie’s reaches its dramatic climax. Mery instead of flying to Britain decides to bring her father and cousin to book. And a case stands in court of Pakistan.

I doubt if the court scene was meant to be fun. Because if it was not funny I must say that judicial system in Pakistan is very barberic.  Instead of discussing whether the person raping mery was guilty or not they rather discuss if it was to protect islam or not.

Court calls Naseruddin Shah to give his opinion against the fanatic muslims. Naseeruddin shah talks about importance of beard in Islam, whether Mery herself is muslim or not, Namaz etc etc. I think all that speech must be considered as prgressive thinking in Pakistan but here in India it still smells like fanatism as I dont understand its importance in judiciary.

The movie ends with both brothers returning to home. The one in US as a paralytic patient and other back to music. Mery decides to stay in pakistan and work for betterment of conditions there.

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