The Spirit of Fighting

INuste ladh mhana

I really wonder how only these people get this talent. All of us have seen thousands of lamps of the city from a hill, but only Rabindranath Tagor could write ‘Shubham Karoti Kalyanam’

All of us have felt that craving for home, but only Kusumagraj could write ‘Navalakh Talapati dive vijeche yeth’.

Just like in the above poem, written by Kusumagraj, The narrator meets his student after a long time. The student tells him his tragedy, but no where he blames any ones. He has compared the water of the flood to a women returning to her parental home. He says ‘how could she go empty handed? Though she left my wife behind’. And not to forget she did leave some water behind in our eyes.

The narrator think that his student needs money but the moment he puts his hand in pocket the student says “no Sir, I dont need money, Just give a pat on my back and order me to fight”

8 thoughts on “The Spirit of Fighting

  1. Is only a pat on ones back is enough in todays world of harami’s(a typical tapori konkani word wich is again a ….) to survive?? and to win??

  2. mala hi kavita vachun far bhare vatle ,achanak shaletil divas atvale , mala hi kavita far avdaychi , mala atvatay hi kavita me divastun char-pach vela tari nakkich vatayachi , kay enery milayachi mala mahit nahi pan ase vatayache ki ha prasanga aplyach ayushyat ghadlay,ani te shevatche kadve ” pathivarti hat tevun nuste lad mahana “.

  3. kusumagraj the great! PRUTHWICHE PREMGEET ,natsmrat vij mhanali dhartila eka peksha ek saras sahitya awashya wacha.

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