Shahrukh and Congress the Common factor

Whats common between Shahrukh and Congress Government? Both of them are used to lick feets. In case of Shahrukh the Dog its the feet of Amir Khan and for the Madame’s Congress its of Terrorsits.

I am 100% sure that Al-Quida,LeT (Now this shorform has become so common in India that it features in General Knowledge books), Huji or some Fuji leaders must have got terribly scared and now running to save their life after our Home Minister gave a nasrty statement like this :

The wicked designs of terrorists will be thwarted boldly and their attempts will be foiled

The blasts occured, News Channels started running their “aap dekha rahe hai Exclusive tasveere sirf Aaj Tak par…”, the data analysts in the channel studios immediately searched for old data of balst, prepared animations of how it occured while other reports ran to get more news.

Our Intelligence (?) Agencies revealed some great findings which even FBI wouldnt have found so qucikly.

“Its a terrorist plot” – What an finding? Other balsts are usually done by kids playing chor police????

“The pattern in all blasts is same, a cycle with a bomb attached to it” — Huh.. This pattern will change once they will start using LPG based vehicles. My be we shud ban cycles.

Government declared some compensation to the victims. Our Home Ministry gave very very scary threats to the terrorists. Madame crying in front of cameras for some moments and then left for a meeting to decide how Rahul will be made next PM.

Before anyone said anything Congress spokes persons and human rights associations came forward to defend the Muslims. I don’t understand one thing aren’t the terrorist Muslims? Isnt it true that a section of Muslim community turning hostile to this own nation? isn’t it the responsibility of government to eliminate them?

Nothing will happen in this country. All the tv channels have already forgoten it and now they are reporting how Amir indirectly had a shot at King khan.

They say a deaf needs a bang but one who pretends to be a deaf nothing can be done.

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