The Big Blog

Mr. Amitabh Bachhan is the next big name to blog. Just to start a blog it seems he got 5 crore from Anil Ambani’s

Here is a passage from his blog. (

It is most interesting that the author chose as his opening gambit what Brecht wrote: “Unhappy the land that is in need of heroes”. It is also most relevant to my own response to his article, for which I duly thank him.


May I remind Mr Harsh V Pant that Brecht strongly disliked liberal individualism, considering it a bourgeois pathology, unless of course this prejudice is shared by Mr Pant himself, in which case a reminder is therefore unnecessary. This would be an unfortunate oversight on his part, for it is the ascendancy of that very bourgeois liberalism that provides him with the opportunity to freely express his opinion to all and sundry without fear.”

And just like even I am wondering what the whole thing means.

SRK does come across as a dumb man thinking too much of himself. Amitabh comes across as a man with dignity and profoundness to his character.  But he need not prove it using those kind of passages. 😦

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