Irresponsible Police

Disclaimer: This blog expresses personal opinion of the author and there is not intention of defame anyone. The blog is published from USA and hence subject to the jurisdiction of the land.  

When it comes to government, common sense does not prevail. The only thing that prevails is insanity. Arushi’s murder shook the whole nation. Another twist was that of the male servant Hemraj’s murder.

The police first said Arushi might have been raped before murder. Sine sex is involved the news channels give full publicity. Can there be a big racket operating for child sex? Are our family values decining? Are indian’s sexually frustrated?  Debates and deliberations continued.

Story 1 

By the time people were about to forget the incident assuming it was  rape and murder case some smart person raised a question saying why hemraj was killed? Since Hemraj was a male servant, for the police it was very evident that Arushi and he had objectionable relationship.

News channels must have jumped in joy with all this masala.  Now they could dramatize the situation they sarted hunting for models to create a news story “Kya rishta thaa Arushi aur Hemraj kaa?”. Police termed it as Honor killing a very common thing in villages of Bihar and UP.

 Backup Story 2

May be the police themselves were not sure about the story. They created a back-up story. Arushi’s father had extra maritial affair with one lady (even she was named), Arushi knew it and dint approve of it. So he killed her. What an convincing argument. Something that is so common in movies.

Backup story 3 

Arushi had relationship with one of her classmates. He was questioned.

Which story will stand in court? The strongest among this will be presented in the court.

The police slandered Dr. ,  his  dead daughter, the servant and the lady. Now whats the proof you ask? The proof will be presented in court. But the characters of these people are already damaged. The police is not accountable for all these accusations as”Shaq karana to police kaa modus operandy hota hai”

The news channels that claim to show truth are  interested only in the glamor behind the murder. If there is sexual angle to it the TRP expectations are still higher.

I dont want to see the Noida police now saying that DR. had objectionable relationship with his own daughter and Hemraj dint approve of it.

I welcome the step taken by child rights department to ask the police to prove whatever they have said about Arushi within 15 days. And if they cant prove they must be terminated from the service.

Let the heavens bless Arushi’s soul with peace.

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